Friday, February 11, 2011

Funny ol' Friday

Today has been one of those days that just hasn't gone to the plan.  I woke up with grand ideas of the children doing any "work" type things they wanted to do in the morning, then heading on out to the Dinosaur World in Torquay for a bit of light relief in the afternoon.

Callum however, in his 5 year old wisdom, decided that he didn't want to go out today.  As it was mainly him I was wanting to please with the trip - I agreed to stay home.  We may go one day next week instead.  So just what did we get up to then?

The first portion of the day was spent doing not a lot if I'm honest.  Taisia, in all her luscious loveliness was actually being a proper grotty bags.  Nothing would console her, not even the sling - very unusual, very frustrating.  I hate having 101 plans in my head and not being allowed to put any into practice.  I had so many things to do - the Spring Wall display, the weekly themes to prepare, the resource shelves to tidy, lapbook bits to cut out, drawers to empty and organise for the well as the usual hoovering, mopping, washing and general cleaning.  Taisia was having none of it, and I would never allow her to just cry.  The morning was spent sat on my bum and snuggling my babe - frustrating but rather lovely.

That did give me time to catch up on a few emails though, which isn't a bad thing, even if I did have to type very slow one handed replies (which for an 80+ wpm typist is oh so difficult to deal with!)  I received an email from the author of Parenting for Social Change asking if I would like a copy of the book to review.  Teresa sent a file containing a few sample pages and I immediately knew it was the kind of book I enjoy reading.  I've now got the full version all printed out ready to be filed and read, so watch out for my honest review coming to a screen near you very soon.

Despite my frustrations, the day went ok.  The kids were great at getting on with things.  I've really seen a change in their attitudes since the daily cards and "little black book" were introduced. Neither dictate my expectations or wishes, but rather offer a guide, to be used if lack of inspiration should hit.
Books were still read...

Laptops were still used...
Poems were written...

 "I love you Mum and Dad" messages were spontaneously made...

Our table got VERY messed up...

 Harry (the not so tiny any more) kitten joined in the chaos with a mightily impressive roar...

and when I asked him to kindly move so I could get to the contents of the box, his reply was...

Dear Taisia did fall asleep eventually - after I had walked to the shop (with her in the kari-me sling) and taken her with me in the car (she was in her car seat of course, not in the sling whilst I was driving, thought I'd better put that out there!) to pick Lee up from work just after lunchtime (very early!  How bad did I feel that the housework hadn't been done?!)

Just to prove that Taisia hasn't been all gloom and a fractious mini beast today, this is her just woke up and very happy to see you but still need to get my bearings smile...

 Whilst she was snoozing, I did manage to get a fair bit of the cutting out needed for the lapooks, so my day wasn't completely wasted.  I've set up a system, where each child has a drawer and their project stuff will be placed in them - hopefully in advance so I look utterly delightfully organised.  Each of the older 3 children have requested a nudge for more work type stuff - in Tiegan's case the nudge was a great big almighty whack. I figure their needs and wishes are changing as they get older and I'm happy to go with it.  The planning and organising may not fit completely into my unschooling philosophy - but I am listening to my children and following their wants and wishes - how long these wants and wishes will last for is anyone's guess, time will tell.  Callum meanwhile is very much a "I will if I can be bothered..." sort of child, but hit on an interest and he will be yours for hours! Love diversity :)


  1. Anonymous2:44 am

    We have been having a few of those mornings recently - it can be very frustrating! I find it easier to let go of plans and pretend I have a newborn again, that way I expect to sit round snuggling an feeding all day, and can almost zone out from the mess... (this is why my house is kinda trashed!)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.


  2. sounds like you coped with a very challenging day very well!! I think I'd have probably lost the plot and started shouting at everyone. And I hate it when I have trip out planned and the children aren't keen - I find that really hard to deal with - you did much better than I could have!

    Sounds like they are really thriving with the work book stuff - to my mind it does seem to be unschooling, in that you are providing the resources they need to do what they are currently interested in. It would stop being unschooling if they say tomorrow "we dont want to do any of that stuff" and you make them sit down and do it, but for as long as the demand is coming from them, to me it seems to be complete unschooling at its best. :-)
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend