Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not so good...

Well another day has almost come to an end, and I have to admit it's not one I will look back on with fondness.  I didn't feel on top form this morning, and that had the knock on effect of sucking every inch of enthusiasm from the household.

The morning was spent feeling very lacklustre.  The children seemed happy to just do nothing, so that's exactly what they did.  The wii was played by Joe, Callum spent most his time on the laptop, Tiegan flitted from laptop to reading, and Chelsea showered, styled hair and did her make up.   Not the most "educational" of activities to blog about, but as I'm challenging myself to blog daily I shall be sharing the highs and the inevitable lows.

I spent far too much time on the computer, something which I have tried to stop.  It's so easy to get carried away with life online whilst cuddling a little bundle.  Before I knew it, it was lunch time and I was ashamed of myself.  I was determined to try to claw back *something* from the afternoon, so went on the hunt for my enthusiasm during lunch.

I remembered a human body kit that Tiegan had chosen to buy with some money she had for Christmas/Birthday.

She had bought it cheaply from TKMax, and then forgotten all about it.   I didn't really know what it would contain, but was pleasantly surprised, although I don't think it would have been worth the full retail price.  Inside the box were a couple of puzzles, a plastic skeleton to put together, and some transparent sheets which were very informative and much liked by the children.  Do you want to see pictures?  Oh, ok then just 'cos it's you....

Callum and Tiegan both really liked it...

The skeleton was a bit of a piggy to put together though - one of those where you fit one piece in and another falls off.  Frustrated they asked big sis to help - then I was required to finish it off.  I'm happy to say that after lots of limb losses, Elvis is now fully fitted together and safely placed in our glass cabinet.

I wasn't overly impressed by the "manual" it contained.  Very simple in parts, but no-explanations in others.  Still I guess it gave us a starting point, and now we will look at expanding our knowledge base with a lapbook and project.  

Whilst we were waiting for daddy to return home from work, we managed to fit in a quick family reading session.  Tiegan continued with a chapter from The Rain Princess, Joseph read from the Young Samurai, and I read aloud a few chapters from Kings and Things and a chapter of Our Island Story.  

So all in all, it hasn't been a completely waste of a day. At least two members of the household were able to summon up smiles - I'll share them with you in the hope that they raise the corners of your mouth too :o)

Awwww, that's better :))


  1. We had a day just like that today, its part of home ed life I suppose, but reading about your day has made me feel so much better about the terrible day I have had!! (and trust me mine was far worse!) I love the smiles at the end of your post, and they have lifted the corners of my mouth too, thankyou!

  2. in a funny sort of way, it's nice to read about someone else having a not so perfect day - sometimes you get online and everyone is full of profound thoughts or tales of exciting uplifting wonderful days with perfect children full of enthusiasm and life, and really, no-one is like that every day. I'm a great one to talk as I like to gloss over the bad and stick on a smile all the time, but I'm learning it's much better to be honest about the less stellar moments, accept them, and move on. Love the smiles at the end though - they can't fail but to make you smile along with them

    BTW, I've been meaning to ask, how do you get that lovely rounded corner look to your photos on your blog and facebook - I love it but have no clue where to start to achieve it!

  3. Some days are just like that,no matter how hard you try, I used to worry about not doing enough but when I look at all we have done over the years and the subjects we have covered I know we are doing alright. I have managed to tidy up today, just justifying that to myself as I'm sat here browsing blogs! rather than doing anything else!

  4. Thanks for sharing "warts and all" as they say!! We've had an odd week so far and there have been several times when I've wanted to put little man in school!!

    Just a quickie also to let you know I'm having to password the blog our resident stalker is making me ill.

    Hugs to you and your lovely gang
    San xx

  5. Doesn't sound like too bad a day all in all, I think we all get days like this (and much worse :-)), I can identify with spending too much time on the Mac also, but we recognise it and try to change a little bit at a time for the better (says she on laptop at 1:48am!!) Don't be too hard on yourself, especially with the new wee one. I think it's great you're trying to post everyday - I enjoy reading your blog, and blogging everyday - there's bound to be highs and lows :-)