Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Oooh look...

I'm such a good girl!  I promised you a blog post every day, and since then, I have blogged every day!  Well ok, so the promise was only made yesterday, but still...

We have had a FABULOUS day today, just like the good ol' days when we found the home-ed routine oh so easy. It did take a bit more planning than I'm used to, but it was worth it.  Happy busy children = happy equally as busy mummy.

The introduction of the daily cards worked really well.  Surprisingly well it should be said. Joseph actually hunted me down to ask if he could do his reading.  He chose "Young Samurai" by Chris Bradford as his chapter book, and I was very impressed with the way he tackled the difficult words and names.

As Joe was reading, Tiegan got on with her Princess lapbook.  This will be the first lapbook that Tiegan has completed totally by herself.  It is definitely going to be a learning curve for her.  Today's section was about vocabulary and I advised Tiegan on how to use the "old fashioned" dictionary in good ol' book form as opposed to the usual online dictionary site she is used to. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea was in the dining room working on Lesson 4 of her Japanese Study.

After lunch I got a phone call from Lee (husband) to say he was back in Devon and ready to be picked up.  I have missed him so much - quite surprised myself really!  I dashed off with Tiegan to collect him.  We got home and the children and I headed back out again - this time to our local library.  We came out armed with books on all subjects, from Anime to Spiders, World War 2 to Shakespeare stories, Mythology to Rabbit care.  What a diverse bunch we are :o)

As I cooked dinner, the children read their chosen books.  Tiegan fast became engrossed in a book about her favourite subject matter at the moment...

After dinner we had a massive family reading session :)  Tiegan read a chapter from one of her library books called "The Rain Princess" by Katie Chase.  Chelsea read a chapter of  "The Host" by Stephanie Mayer...

How big is that book?!

I sat with Callum and we read 4 of his library books.  His favourite by far was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and once I had read it to him, he read it back to me a dozen times :)

I can't tell you what joy that picture brings to my heart.  Remember just a couple of entries ago I was saying that Callum had decided he didn't like books, didn't want to be read to, and he wasn't interested in stories any more.  I can certainly sense that lack of interest from that gorgeous face can't you? I'm a happy mama to have my book-loving boy back :)

I read a chapter of "Our Island Story" aloud, and started to read the first story from the Shakespeare Stories book we borrowed from the library.  The children drew pictures, played with lego or role-played animal care games whilst I was reading.  We were even visited by a snail / turtle / tortoise...

A very cheeky one he was too!

We all discussed ideas for our weekly themes, with the children suggesting the following...

Artist - Picasso.
Poet - Lewis Carroll.
Person - William Shakespeare.
Animal - Penguin.
Dinosaur - Giganotosaurus
Creepy Crawly Bug - Caterpillars.

Chelsea thought that we could also have a weekly Author.  This week Chris Bradford was requested by Joseph.

I will be printing out a photo of each and adding basic explanatory text, these will be mounted and popped on the wall each Sunday.  It will be interesting to see where this will lead us - what discussions or learning opportunities will be sparked from just a picture and a bit of writing on the wall....?

I can't post photos of all the others without a picture of Taisia now can I?  Here she is with two of her biggest fans...

Tomorrow we are meeting with friends - at a park if the weather is nice, here at home if it is rainy and horrid.  I can't wait :))


  1. what a lovely bubbly post - I can sense the excitement and enthusiasm overflowing out of you. And the photos certainly show how much fun and enjoyment everyone was having. Bet it's lovely to have Lee back. Hope you all have a lovely day today - it's pouring here, so I guess you are going for the indoor option, have lots of fun and hope to catch up with you soon x x

  2. So great to see what homeschool looks like for a family with older children. Thanks for this. X

  3. wow, I am so in awe of how you manage your day, I know you say it's not always like that but I have only 2 home educated children, 10 and 8 and I struggle to get them to do sit down and do structured work, or should I say more than 1 hour of structure. To do so with a young baby also! what can I say wow again! You have inspired me.

  4. Loving the daily postings, Keep them coming! Oh and your Joseph is suddenly looking so grown up!

  5. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Oh yes it's true you and your family are HUGELY inspiring. Thank you so very much for sharing the photos and the minutiae of your days with us. I am on the verge of taking the plunge of extracting my 8 yr old twins from school but worry about my ability to have them at home full time and whether i could actually provide them with a stimulating education like you do. I love your ideas - do simple yet v creative. Cheers!

  6. Jules, this post reminds me so much of your posts when Callum was a baby. Fantastic complementary photos too - this is pure inspiration for those wanting to HE! You really are a twinkly star! :-) xxxxx