Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saturday has been and almost gone.  I had a lovely lie-in this morning, and got up feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on the world :)  After a quick spell of baby care and email reading, we headed out to drop Tiegan and Chelsea at bookclub, and do a bit of shopping.  I bought a new flask so I can now take hot drinks out on our Home Ed meetings, and I bought the kiddos some new water bottles so their drinks are taken care of too - will save us a fortune!  A trip to the Oxfam bookshop led to the discovery of  "Beyond Survival - A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling" by Diana Waring.  Although appearing to be quite heavily Christian based at first glance (and faith  - or rather lack of it - is something I am really struggling with right now), it does seem as if it will be an easy and interesting read.  I'm always on the look out for books that I can lend to new home-edders, so buying this for just £1.99 was a nice little find.  I'll let you know what I think once completed.

At home, a headache started to form :(  Bang, bang, bang in my head, every little movement was so painful.  I decided to make the most of having Lee at home and took Taisia and myself off to bed.  We ended up *napping* for 3 hours!  Oh how good it felt though, seemed like it was much needed for both of us as Taisia has been in a much happier mood since.

The girls really enjoyed bookclub this week.  They made posters and Chelsea did hers anime style.  Apparently it was much admired.  There were two authors there this week, one wanting to talk about World Book Day.  There is also talk of a Creative Writing Workshop to be held during half term which both girls (and even Joseph?!) seem eager to attend.  Chelsea was given another book to review for Luisa Plaja, Chels has been reading books for Luisa's review site for a while now and absolutely loves it.

I watched JLC: Turning Japanese with Chelsea (bizarre, just bizarre!), and then cooked vegetable omelettes for dinner.

This evening I've done a meal plan for next week:

Monday - Whatever is left in the Freezer!
Tuesday - Pasta Carbonara with garlic bread.
Wednesday - Leek and Pea Soup with home-made bread rolls. I've never made this soup before so hoping it is ok - recipe taken from the Asda magazine.
Thursday - Slow Cooker Chilli with Jacket Potato.
Friday - Pizza, chips and peas with garlic bread.
Saturday - Takeaway.
Sunday - Sausages with vegetables and yorkshire puddings.
Monday - Cottage pie.

Money is really tight right now.  As Lee is now working again, finances are being adjusted.  We are used to having fortnightly payments, but Lee's wages will be paid at the end of Feb.  Obviously bills still need to be paid, so we are counting every penny - as the meal plan probably shows.  It will hopefully be ok by the end of the month, and as soon as I know how much we are getting again I can re-budget accordingly.  I just hate the worry of an empty bank account and bills coming in.  Still, guess it's life in the real world hey?

I am just going to print off some work for our weekly themes, then heading to bed to read.  Tomorrow I'll be re-doing our wall displays ready for the week ahead :))

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  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    looking forward to seeing your wall display, mainly because I a going to copy it - no not really, I like the idea and am going to try and do this in our dining/learning/painting/craft/leave all your crap here room.

    Know how you feel about money, we are brassic here at the moment, but like they say, take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves -or something like that.

    Hope to catch up with you soon - Lou x