Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whoopsie, missed a day...

but there wasn't a lot to tell really, so no loss.  Wednesday was just a stay at home day. I had lots of cleaning to do - cupboard emptying, fridge overhauling kinda cleaning, so that kept me busy.  The kids just pottered around the place making it look untidy.  Actually they didn't do too badly considering they were pretty much left to their own devices.  Joseph finally took a look at his World War 2 lapbook project I had printed off a while ago.  He had resisted thus far, but was very pleasantly surprised.  As I was busy scrubbing away, he reeled off bits from what he had read very enthusiastically.  It made me smile :)  Tiegan did a bit of "homework" from Brownies, and Chelsea made the most delicious tasting Leek and Pea Soup with croutons - yummmmm!

All 3 read to me from various chapter books, and we read our usual family reading books.

Today was really lovely.  We had friends visiting - 4 families, meaning 5 adults and 16 children including me and my lot.  Busy and fun, reminiscent of the group meets in the early days.  There was food galore, and I was even spoilt with flowers (thank you!!!) and a lovely fimo handmade heart charm (thank you too!!!)  The kids all got along pretty well I think, certainly if the chatter and patter of feet were to go by they did.  Time was spent inside and out, games were played, and friendships were blossoming.

This is what happens when you leave a group of teens to their own devices...

hehehe, they sure enjoyed themselves!


  1. Just wanted to let you know, how much I enjoy reading your blogs. they are honest and amusing, and insightful. :)

    ps..loving the make-up.

  2. sounds like a lovely day - what a happy household you guys have - and it definitely looks like the teens had their fun.

    Funny what they'll pick up and do when left to their own devices - we did some bible studies this morning and after some initial reluctance, Chris said "this is really fun stuff Mum, I never realised that I would enjoy learning so much" - how's about that for a vote of confidence!!