Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here I am!

Hmm, I was missing in action for a little while there huh?  Never mind, I'm back now and bubbling with enthusiasm once more.
So what has been going on here at Pollard towers?

Well the weather here in Devon has been rather wonderful...up until today when it has rained and looked sad.  Callum was really happy when we cleaned up the old sandpit and filled it for him, wanna see how happy he was?  He was *this* happy!

Playing in the sand makes me this happy!

I think we are going to need a bigger sandpit though. Apparently, you are never too big or too old to play...

We need a bigger sandpit

Tiegan has loved her time on the trampoline again - it really was a good buy!

trampolining - must be spring!

In other news, Chelsea has been experimenting with make-up looks...


I loved this outfit...

Chelsea's Outfit

In fact, I just love her!

Chelsea went to a Chinese Brush Painting workshop that was arranged for home-edders. She really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from this lovely lady... http://www.lisaclass.co.uk/ I will, one day, get around to sharing the pictures that Chelsea came home with - just need to get around to photographing them first.

Hmm, what else have we been doing?

Home-ed group meets have been going well. We had another mums night out arranged by lovely ladies, which was fab.  We met for a meal in Paignton and I got home much later than planned *oops*.   As a group we've also recently met at Teignmouth (where I forgot to take the camera), and more recently at The House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey. It was my first ever visit there (don't laugh, I've only lived here for 23 years!)

The kids loved it. All were enthralled by the glass blowing, and all want to go back to see it again.

Glass Blowing

House of Marbles - Glass Blowing

The mirrors caused much amusement...

Fun mirror

and we all enjoyed watching the marble runs...

House of Marbles - Marble Museum

Huge Marble Run

There were some BIG balls around...

House of Marbles - Marble Museum 2

House of Marbles - Garden

Including this one which spins on water!

Giant Marble

Giant marble sign

There were also games to be played...



We shall be heading back to visit again very soon.

We've been asked to review a couple of games from The Green Board Game Company We have been sent Romans which at first glance looks fabulous. The kids have played it a couple of time already...

Roman Game

and enjoyed it muchly :o) I shall write a full review shortly.

We've also been sent Brainbites Shakespeare so watch out for a review of that too.


  1. I really enjoyed your photos of 'the house of marbles', they brought back happy memories of our holiday in Devon two years ago. Another favourite of ours was the miniature pony centre.
    Now I'm really wanting another Devon holiday!


  2. we went to house of marbles years ago but it looks like more fun now so we'll have to pop back.
    love the make up experimenting

    Kate x

  3. popping in to send hugs and waving xxx the house of marbles looks fantastic . love to you all xxx

  4. Can't help but feel very boring and slightly inadequate in comparison to you and your kiddlings Jules. You always seem to be so happy and do such fun things together. The House of Marbles looks amazing and I know both my children would love it! Shame it's so far away though. Never say never though - and if we ever make it down to your neck of the woods I will book you as our personal tourist guide lol!
    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

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    Hailey William