Saturday, March 05, 2011

It's the Weekend...

We actually have weekends now in the Pollard household.  Now that Lee is working full time Monday-Friday, weekends have become special family time once more.

Today we had a ride over to Trago Mills.  Originally Trago started off as a "chuck it in and people will buy if the price is so low they are amazed" kinda store.  It was a typical bargain basement store, boxes and stock everywhere, cash only at the tills, must buy now as you will never see it here again sort of place - you get the idea.  The hotels and guest houses around the area used to rave about it to tourists, it was cheap cheap cheap.  Nowadays things are more refined, and the prices reflect this.  No longer is it a cheapie cheap shop, but occasionally a bargain can be found if you can be bothered to fight through the crowds to find it.

They are creating quite a little mini theme park feel to the place now.  Lots of go-cart kind of rides, amusement arcades, miniature railway, etc.  There are also a few animals in "pets corner" including a gorgeous female Macaw called George, rabbits, guinea pigs, cockatiels, and chipmunks.  There are also goats...

Goat at Trago

Wildfowl wander around the whole site, including ducks, peacocks, swans, and geese such as this handsome fellow who posed oh so beautifully for me...

Goose at Trago

Nature study is something I want to do more of with the children this year, so with that in mind I took a look at the book department. These are the books that I bought...

I really like the British Birds one.  It has a check chart of birds to tick off when seen, and lots of easy to read information about different species including visual descriptions, months usually spotted, next type, and whether resident or visitor.  There is space to write notes about date, location, activity etc, and a space to place photos.  I think it will be well used if I know my children's likes - the stickers will appeal to Tiegan and Callum, and Chelsea enjoys filling in forms and note taking, so the book really ticks all the boxes.  What's more, it was one of the rare bargains at just £3.99 in Trago.

The bug book is rather good too, large colourful pictures and again, easy to read snippets of info/facts.  I thought of Tiegan when purchasing this one, but since being brought home it has been glanced through by all.

Tomorrow we will be shopping, then home to plan some future home-ed stuff and making playdough :)

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