Friday, March 04, 2011

Playing catch up :)

Goodness, has another week really passed? Where on earth is the time whizzing off to?  I can't believe we are 3 months into 2011 already *sigh*.

To recap on our latest exploits...

Saturday was a quiet day at home for me and the kidlets as Lee (husband) was out for the day helping friends move into their new home.  Chelsea had spent Friday night at a sleepover with a friend, so I had to do without my biggest home help ;)  When Chelsea got dropped off home again we all settled down and watched Karate Kid 2010, shamefully I admit to thoroughly enjoying it...

Sunday was a fabulous family day, filled to the brim with love and laughter.  The weather was diverse.  Oh such joyous sunshine one minute, rain and high winds the next.  We all piled into the car and headed off to Berry Head.  We were greeted with views such as these...

Berry Head View

Berry Head Views


As it was a little on the wet side when we arrived so we spent the first half an hour or so in the visitor centre. There were a few activities for the children to do, and a bit of quirky film watching equipment to entertain them. The sun soon came out to play though, so off we went to explore.

The history of Berry Head is fascinating. There are fossils of ancient sea creatures preserved in fort walls, and lots of military history including Cold War, Second World war, and Napoleonic Wars. There are plenty of remains to be seen and it was incredible to think we were walking on the very paths that soldiers from the past had tread.

There are Fort remains...

Berry Head exploration

A Sentry Box...

standing guard

sentry sign

Artillery Stores...

artillery store

artillery store sign

Powder Magazine Stores...

powder magazine store

powder magazine sign

Scary cliffs...

Down the cliff.

and the lighthouse...


We spent a good couple of hours there, and really wanted to stay longer but the wind was so strong and the rain started to lash down fiercely so we headed for home with a promise to return very soon.

Monday was home-ed group at the park.  A nice social get-together for adults and children and two new families joining us.

Tuesday was a stay at home day.  We just pottered around, reading, baking, unpacking the grocery shop.  Lee surprised us when he returned from work with an announcement about going out for dinner :)  That kind of announcement is always welcome.  The meal was delicious, the place blissfully (and unusually) quiet, and a nice family meal was very much enjoyed.

Wednesday I took the children to Torquay for a walk around the harbour and a bit of shopping.  I had planned on taking them to the Dinosaur World but Callum didn't want to go, so we had burgers instead.  He wants to seek out Dinosaurs next week apparently.

Thursday was our special day.  Our 8th year of home-ed celebration :)  I had long planned a home-edders get together, as our decision to home-educate the children has influenced every area of our life.  We have met some amazing people and made some fabulous friends because of it and I really wanted to share a celebratory day with them.  Sadly, the timing was bad and many people couldn't make it, but an excellent day was still relished. The celebratory feel was all the more amplified with Louise's 40th and Sophie's 14th birthday celebrations :))  The sun shone brightly, the sky was blue and although we didn't do the beach thing as planned due to a chilly sea breeze (gale?!), the Nature Reserve setting was equally as perfect.  With around 40 adults and children joining the fun, the day was good :)

Sadly I did far too much chatting and Taisia placating, and not enough picture snapping, but I did capture a bit of Rugby fun.


which was obviously a game for all ages...

kids big and small

Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate with us.

Today we are off out again with friends. This socialising business is hard work ;)

I'll leave you with this picture of Taisia and Tiegan until I return...



  1. Anonymous9:22 am

    I love the last picture!
    I think we definitely need to go to Berry Head,too, it looks great.

  2. Some absolutely beautiful and inspirational pictures there.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day. So wonderful in fact that I feel I must put aside a day to visit there too. :)Thanks for posting.

  3. wow, sounds like a lovely week and you guys have definitely been making the best of the gorgeous sunshine. Loved the first few photos of Berry Head, they are great, I never knew much about it, but will definitely put it on our list of places to visit - it sounds great.

    Glad you had a good day yesterday, sounds like a lovely time - the sun certainly shone for you, even if it was a bit on the chilly side. Hope you have a good day today, and enjoy the weekend. We are having a house cleaning day today now the new floor is finished, and then we are off for a meal with my parents tomorrow for more birthday celebrations - I do like a good long celebration (any excuse is a good excuse in my book)!