Thursday, March 10, 2011

A "quiet" day...

I thought that we needed to have a quiet day at home today.  Last week we were busy most days and this one has followed suit.  We have been out and about or entertaining friends here at home every day, and along with the 6am rising to drive husband to work, well tiredness was making it's presence well and truly known.

So today, we missed out on the wonderful Norman Feast preparation day with the home-ed group, and thought we'd rest at home instead.  Oh what planet was I on when that plan was made?

First thing, a quick check online revealed we had an overdue library book that couldn't be renewed.  This guilty book wasn't borrowed from our oh so handy just a few doors away library, oh no, it couldn't be that simple, instead we needed to pile into the car and head to the next town.   We returned the book, and got out a pile more, then went to do a quick bit of shopping - namely balloons for the paper mache helmets and pigs head I'm planning, and metallic paint.

Home again, and after a quick cuppa, we leapt to the kitchen.  A cottage pie was made (was meant to have been made a couple of days ago but it didn't get done!), then we made the most delicious Lemon Drizzle cake I've ever tasted - following a very simple recipe that had been posted on the Greenparent forum.

lemon drizzle cake

Then things started to go downhill.

Do you ever have those days when you seem to be cleaning and tidying over and over, but never seeing an improvement? That's been my kinda day today. I've washed dozens and dozens of dishes - but every time I've entered the kitchen more pots have taken up residence in my sink. I've done three loads of washing and was sure I had the rare sighting of the bottom of the laundry basket - but now it's overflowing again. I've wiped up spills, I've tidied the bathroom, I've picked up toys and cleared desks and tables - but if you visited right now - you would think I'd sat on my big fat behind all day and watched daytime TV (vomit).

So tonight me and the kiddos have *had words*. I need a bit of help. I think it's fair I ask for a little co-operation. Please bring down any dirty dishes from your room. Please fetch your dirty washing down in the morning so I know what I'm tackling. It would be great if sometimes - just sometimes - you looked around and thought "Oh, I could take the milk bottle out for recycling", or the cereal box, or the tin cans, or the food waste bin, or...

It's the little simple jobs that all add up to make a great big time-wasting mass. I need to think of a way I can get the help I need, but without placing pressures on the children...hmmm.

On a more cheerier note, have a look at the piccies for the day...

Bed buddies...

bed buddies

The sight that greeted me when I went to see Tiegan this morning - how cute is he with his "arm" around her :o)

Taisia has been working on the next stage of progress - the tummy roll...

nearly there!

She is very nearly there!

And already a bookworm...?

bookworm already

she likes...

She is going to fit right into our family :)

Roll on tomorrow...

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  1. Only just read this! I have days like that all the time! Doesn't it drive you mad.

    Pictures are beautiful. And I'm hoping that your days improved after this one.