Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunday and Monday...

Much of Sunday was wasted by us all having a much needed lie-in.  As much as I like lazy starts to days, I do feel sad when I realise that the day is passing swiftly and not much has been done.  Before we knew it, afternoon was upon us and we had achieved zilch.  Ok, perhaps zilch is a little stretch of the truth. We did a bit of future planning.  We talked about what we wanted to plant and (hopefully) grow in the garden this year, and we listed what we needed to do to make our dream of owning chickens a reality in 2011 - mainly clear out the shed!

We headed out to the shops as we needed a few things - mainly new vests for Taisia as she is outgrowing her old ones, and new shoes for Joe - can't believe he is in size 6 already, where's my little boy gone!?   We also bought some seeds to plant, just a few for now - pumpkins (Callum's wish), peppers, sweetcorn, strawberries, carrots, and sweet peppers.  We will be sorting beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and no doubt more, within the next few weeks.  One day in the week we shall start the planting, I'm hedging my bets it will be on Tuesday afternoon- that's the only free-ish day up to now.

Sunday evening was really lovely.  We went TV free for the whole night and I loved it.  Peace and quiet, blissful. It's really made me question our viewing habits and I hope that TV free nights may start to creep in more often.  I actually went to bed earlier than usual and spent an hour reading one of the books I've been asked to review.  I definitely need to try the earlier to bed for reading time more often, a very relaxed way to go to sleep.

Today was Home-Ed group.  Silly billy me forgot to take my camera, but we headed to the beach for play and rockpool exploration.  The weather was dry, sunny, but cold. Some would say very cold, but as I was cuddling my permanent hot water bottle, AKA Taisia, I didn't notice ;)  There were around 11 families this week, roughly 40 adults and children.  Numbers reduced quite quickly though as the cold took it's toll and people headed for home. That sea *breeze* is really something at times!  Rockpooling was  not quite as fruitful as last time, we didn't spot any starfish or anemones this time around, but there were plenty of sea snails, crabs, and worm casts.  

I picked up Lee from work, and we popped to buy compost ready for planting our seeds...a job for tomorrow perhaps, along with material sourcing for Norman tunics and dresses.

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