Friday, March 04, 2011

Zoo Time :)

It's been a long long time since I took the kidlets to the zoo.  We used to have an annual membership up a few years ago, and we kind of overdid the visiting. The zoo lost its appeal and so we took a break.   A couple of friends had arranged to meet there, and when they invited us along we took up the offer.  I don't know who was more excited about seeing the animals, me or the kids!

I thought I'd be all ultra organised and book our tickets online last night - meaning we could go straight through the pre-paid gate with just a scan of a barcode. Ha ha! Best made plans and all that. At the end of the online booking process, the website said that payment had been refused due to an "unknown error", and I should re-book the tickets. So (perhaps stupidly) I did. The second time payment was processed and I was told an email confirmation would be following shortly. I don't know where it headed off to, but it didn't end up in my inbox. So this morning I checked my bank, only to see two payments had been taken out by the zoo. Argh! We really can't afford a £90 zoo trip :( So a phone call was made. Apparently they had only received one payment, but they asked me to take my bank statement along for proof of the two so they could repay if necessary. Then came a problem - my computer went on it's first ever let's just dawdle along and go on a go-slow. Frustrating, and time was ticking. Eventually (as in over 20 minutes later), bank statement was printed - only it missed off the vital bit of info. More painful waiting as a new page detailing just those transactions loaded, and eventually printed. It's still not sorted, the Sage system was down at the zoo so records couldn't be checked - hopefully the payment will be reversed from my bank by Monday.

Our first port of call was the reptile and desert area. Sadly taking pictures through glass isn't something I am able to do well, so no photos of the huge anacondas or cute little poison dart frogs. I did however capture a few little birdies...


zoo bird



and these cutsie guinea pigs...

guinea pigs

Upon venturing outside Callum's favourite animal seemed to be the Peacocks roaming around...


but we also saw these beauties...




We didn't see all that we wanted to (the indoor play centre was a huge attraction for the younger kiddies!) so we will probably end up buying a yearly membership in a few months time if finances allow so we can revisit often (again!) :o))

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  1. stunning pictures. Is this Paignton zoo, if so my children love this zoo especially the rhino. but it's just too far for a day trip.
    love your blog

    Kate x