Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy little buzzy buzzy me...

I just love it when a plan comes together.  It doesn't happen very often, which makes it all the more special when it does!

I love it when everything just runs smoothly and I can actually plow through my to-do list happily check ticking merrily.

Today it was the turn of the Dining room. It is the largest room of the house, has wonderful light through the windows for much of the day, but it is the almost the least used room in the building. Using it just for mealtimes seemed such a waste, so I wanted to re-design it's purpose and it's now our family / education room (The education room bit being because we have many of our resources stored there - microscopes, globes, nature corner, posters etc).

My initial plan for the day was to try to get the posters up on the walls. I set about with hammer and tacks, and managed it!

Those of you living near a "The Works" store, have you seen their human body posters? They are all dimensional and pretty cool, looking like this...


Poster close up

At just £1.99 each, I think they are a great buy and a real eye-catching change from the usual flat posters. All of my kids have enjoyed looking (and feeling) them.

Our poster wall looks like this now...

Posters Wall

and we have another wall with these on it...

More posters

I've left one wall free for the children's own display work.

Once that job was done and dusted, I thought about what other changes I'd like to make. I rearranged a bit of furniture and set up a writing station in the hallway. Tiegan loves it (I knew she would!) The hall is cool on hot days, and is relatively quiet.

New writing station in our hallway

I'll add a few supplies from time to time - different art mediums, stickers, stencils, etc, and hopefully it will be a little creation station. Today Tiegan wrote a poem about nature.

That leads me nicely on to the next job. We have had some sort of seasons display for a while now. Usually a big wall decorated in seasonal goodness made by the children. Today I decided I would slightly change tact and start a Nature Table. A space where we can share our finds from our walks out and about, but not defined by season as such. We will still do seasonal 'work' but not specifically for a display. We now have a Nature Corner...

Our Nature Corner

With a table top display...

Nature Table

Callum rather liked collecting the leaves. You can never have too many leaves apparently.

We have our own Nature Goddess - needlefelted by my own fair hands.

Our Nature Goddess

And Miss Tilly Toadstool - again needlefelted by me.

Tilly Toadstool

I *finally* got around to sorting out the junk cupboard...

Corner of Family / Education room

On the top you can see the quiz cards (in the pink spotty box), our human body quiz thingy from The Works, and our much used and years old globe - think that was one of the first things we bought when starting our home-ed journey. The storage boxes on top of the cupboard contain crafty bits - ribbons, lace, braids, scrap materials etc. The black case next to the cupboard houses our microscope.

Inside the cupboard...

Book cupboard - Books rotated regularly

I've decided to have a few books stored inside the cupboard that I can rotate regularly. I will choose books related to a theme we are working on, or just at random to give further choice. We have so many books the kids just don't know what we have. I've put a box at the bottom of the cupboard to hold the library books.

Right at the far end of the room, by the window, I have my sewing corner - my very messy at the moment sewing corner...

Untidy sewing corner

A job for tomorrow me thinks.

So the full room now looks like this...

Family / Education Room

Did you notice our new whiteboard? Did ya? Did ya? Oh how I love having it there looking at me from the wall. My dream is fulfilled! The kids love it though, as does husband! I love what I found written on it this morning...

Message to start the day

Started the day off rather grandly it did :)

Hmm, what else has been done today.

Reading.  As always, lots of reading...

Favourite book of the moment

I love this picture of all my girls...

My Girls

We also had geekiness...

Geeky daydreamer

and, and, and,

probably best if you don't ask...

Don't Ask...

Moving swiftly along, we had silliness...

Laughing together

and laughter...


and delicious pinkness...

In the pink.

Plans for tomorrow?

I'll be editing and posting our reviews on the Roman Game and the book I'm reading. We will be making playdough, trying to create a a human body thingy-ma-jig, and doing some sort of science stuff that the girls will be choosing. I wonder what else the day shall throw at us - I'm waiting will my hands outstretched to grab it!


  1. fantastic room and hair makeover... can i move in?!!!! Am in desperate need of inspiration! I'm exhausted and B seriously unwell with diabetes, any suggestions for fun learning activities?

    thanks San xxxx

  2. love your pinky pink look, it's really cool. That's a super photo of you and Callum where he's laughing and you are looking right at him. Sounds like you've been very busy with the organising and decorating - and it all looks great - isn't it nice when you can look back at the end of a day and see the fruits of your labours. Hope you have a fun day today .

  3. Love your hair Jules, it really suits you! xx