Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a quickie...

Just a quick post from me today - hey, I heard that sigh of relief!

Today was one of those "not quite back into normality but no reason why we shouldn't be" day.  Since having the planning discussion with the kids yesterday afternoon, I am now fortunate enough to have a million ideas buzzing around in my head.  I need to do a bit of researching and the inevitable list writing and printing out resources before we make a start but my mind has been elsewhere - namely walking in the sunshine!

It was another sunny start to our Tuesday.  Lee was back at work, so I was left to my own devices with the kiddies.  I had ordered a few books from Torquay library which were now available, so it seemed to be an ideal opportunity to visit the seaside (all of 10 minutes away!) and not feel as if I was idly wasting the day whilst husband was hard at it earning the pennies.

We did a bit of shopping en route, became laden down with too many books to carry (thank heavens for Teenagers), bought 'party' food for dinner at Callum's request, and headed for the sea.  The sun started to play peek-a-boo and the clouds started to look sad and dull, but it was still very warm.  I love walking along the seafront.  I love smelling the sea air, watching the boats come and go, listening to the chatter of the holidaymakers and the natterings amongst fishermen. I just love the general hustle and bustle, complete with lobster pots and day trippers, but equally enjoy the quietness and relaxation as we stroll past the boats at their moorings.

Torquay Harbour

The lighting was getting duller and duller, the clouds becoming greyer and greyer, so we thought it best to start returning to the car in case of showers.

At home we just pottered around doing lots but not a lot in equal proportions. We checked how things were progressing in the garden, and look, things are growing!

Things are growing

Great excitement at the prospect of home-grown goodies again this year.

We read our library books (I got a fair few about sewing so look out for some making attempts coming to a blog near you very soon...), the kids played games, went on their laptops, read more books, helped cook dinner, and then I took the plunge and dyed my hair....PINK!

Photos will follow tomorrow if you are good...

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  1. The new haircut is just great and soo you! Looking forward to the pink pics!!

    As always your writings always give me food for thought...

    Hugs San xx