Friday, April 08, 2011

Lots of busyness!

We have had the most wonderful family day today - busy and fun, just how we like it :)

Lee (my gorgeous husband), came home from work last night and announced that he had booked Friday as a holiday so we could spend some time together.   Work is going through a quiet time whilst all the takeover procedures get sorted out, so he thought he would make the most of it and have a 3 day weekend.

I'm glad he did.

We started off the day with a re-visit to the House of Marbles.  Regular readers of this blog will know that I took the children there not long ago, but Lee has never been.  Callum really wanted to return, and he relished in the thought of showing his dad around, so off we went.

Following that we headed to the nearby Trago Mills.  For the first time ever, we didn't step foot in the store - choosing instead to just potter around the play areas.  The kids had a great time, climbing on play equipment, seeking out animals, controlling a small scale digger, and riding bikes around the track...

Look no hands






Bike riding



Then we headed off to the beautiful nearby Stover Park for a picnic and stroll around the lake.


I love seeing teenagers laugh...


Father and Daughter

Ooooh, here's me! 


Beautiful girl


In chains

Dear Tiegan took along her sketchbook and pencil (totally her own idea) so she could draw and write about her experiences - she is the perfect home-ed child! 


Taisia seemed to be enjoying herself too...





Stover Park

stepping stones

Rest time


Nature's Beauty

Nature's Art



After a couple of fabulous hours in the truly gorgeous sunshine at Stover, we headed for home.  We made a Cottage Pie for dinner, then went out into the garden.  I had a few shapes I wanted to cut out using the electric Jigsaw.  I'm pretty pleased with how I got on for a beginner - first attempt and all that.  I shall paint them up and share them with you soon.  Once the mess was cleared away, we planted some seeds - runner beans, pumpkins, snapdragons, baby corn, and carrots were on the planted list today.  


This little fella was hiding out in one of the pots...

Little friend

Do you remember Harry kitten?  Well here he is, all grown up at almost a year old already.  And yes, he has lost his collar - AGAIN (2nd time in a week....) He is very handsome and utterly scrumptious though isn't he?

My baby - Harry

I am so blessed to have such blissful memorable days such as these to write about. 


  1. wow, lovely photographs, looks like you all had a fabulous time :)

  2. You guys have some really amazing places to visit over there:)Its good to be able to get some time out together as a family, enjoying each others company.
    I love Harry, such a beautiful boy.Do you ever think he deliberatly loses that collar?Sometimes we think our Cleopatra does that.She always seems so smug without it!

  3. Playing catchup again. I cannot believe how Taisia has grown - EEEK! Thank you for sharing such precious family photos with us and letting us peek into your life.
    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  4. looks like a great time was had by all - I love the non retail part of Trago Mills!

  5. Just found your gorgeous blog and I'm super excited to read more! I love what I see. We are also a colorful unschooling family. Drop by and say hi if you get a chance!

  6. I'm a first-timer to your blog and I loves it!!

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