Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh how the sun has shone...

What an utterly deliciously fabulous day it has been.  The sun has been shining, not a cloud in the sky.  Don't believe me?  Just look...

Not a cloud in the sky

A stunningly beautiful day.

We had a few errands to run and get out of the way this morning. A trip to the DIY store was in order as Lee (aka lovely husband) needed to stock up on a few bits and pieces for jobs around the house. We took the opportunity to have a stroll around a few other shops too, picking up a few bargains. We went into The Works, and bought this interactive human body quiz thingy-ma-jig for just £9.99.  I apologise, I couldn't find a UK link to it.  The human-body fanatic (aka Tiegan) loves it.  She was the one that spotted it in the store and made me laugh by telling me just how educational it would be - hint hint mama.  Chelsea, Callum and Joseph seemed to enjoy spending time on it too this afternoon, so it appears to be a good buy and well worth the price.

Bigger bargain of the day came in the form of a Whiteboard from Staples.  Don't ask me why - as I couldn't really tell you - but I have always wanted to have a whiteboard on the wall.  Maybe I have secret ambitions of  standing at the board playing teacher.  Maybe I have a secret ambition of just writing silly messages on an erasable wall *shrug*. Having being deterred by the price of the boards at Staples, I had pretty much resigned myself to the sad fact that we wouldn't be buying one any time soon.  £55 for the size I wanted was just out of the question as a non-essential.  Imagine my joy (go on, humour me, just imagine!) then when taking a looksie at the sale table and seeing a large Whiteboard leaning up against it at a much discounted price - just over £17!  There was just the one left as it was an end of line item, so I just had to have it. It made my day. My grin was definitely of the Cheshire feline variety. (Simple things please simple minds really does apply to me!)  I know that even if I don't use it much, just having it on the wall will be beneficial.  I have a certain 9 year old girl and 5 year old boy that just adore writing on such things - another handwriting practice tool if nothing else.  I have visions of writing out the daily food menu on it so I don't have to repeat myself all day every day 4 times over. Bliss.

Once all of the errand running was done and dusted, we headed home to relax in the sunshine.

Whilst I was in the kitchen cooking, Chelsea took Taisia outside. My heart was filled with pure joy when witnessing these scenes of love and adoration.


Sibling adoration

I'm so thankful that Taisia is growing up surrounded by such devoted siblings.

I also loved the Milky Moustaches...

We like Milky Mustaches

and fabulous hats...


We enjoyed our picnic type dinner in the garden, but wow it was warm!  Keeping Taisia out of the sun was a little tricky.  She got very frustrated that she couldn't join in with the others as they ran around playing various role-play games.



It wasn't long before she succumbed to the heat though and fell asleep.


Kira (aka mad springer doggy), loves days such as these. She adores us all being in the garden with her, and was ultra happy as these pictures show...


happy kira

Happy Doggy

She is in desperate need of a trim - must get those clippers out! It isn't just my hair I cut ya know!

Callum played on his scooter...

Scooter King

(Yes, those are his boxer shorts - he doesn't think much of clothes when at home).

whilst Tiegan enjoyed her new toy...

New toy

With Taisia snoozing, I grabbed the opportunity to do a bit of planning with both hands...

Working hard...

I asked each of the children what they wanted to do over the next few weeks. This is what they said (put here mainly for own reminder)...

Chelsea really feels that she would like to concentrate on building on her Maths knowledge. She would like to do at least two mathematical "lessons" per week, more if so inclined.  She would like to do work appropriate to her age, but would also like to do refresh work of the basics.

Chelsea expressed an interest in science topics, particularly with the study of animals and the human body.  She wishes to get more use out of the microscope, have more dissection experience, and do many more experiments - particularly the "Rubber chicken bone" and the "Mummified Chicken".

She would like to work through the Principles of Human Anatomy book with me, something I'm more than willing to do as I find it incredibly interesting myself.

Chelsea would like to continue with the Japanese project, and see's it as an ongoing process.  She would like to do more projects encompassing the family - including those that allow dressing up in historical or traditional costume and cooking authentic style meals.

Lots more art and craft based work was requested, alongside artist studies.  The first of which Chelsea would like to be Andy Warhol.   Famous people is another area of interest, Roald Dahl was the first requested to study.

Chelsea would like to use the special days calender, but wants to relax to at least one per week instead of the pressure of daily following.

She feels that daily reading - both her reading to me and our family reading sessions is important and she enjoys both.

Immediately Joseph stipulated that improving his handwriting is of the utmost importance to him at this time.  He would like to do copywork daily, but only if it is less than a page per day.  Joe admitted that writing isn't something that he enjoys doing, but he feels it is important.

He would like to read to me daily from a book of his choice.

Joseph would like to do a project on Japan, and one on Samurai Warriors as he is interested in their history.

He feels that Numeracy work comes much easier to him than Literacy, but that two mathematical sessions a week would still be beneficial to him.

Tiegan also suggested that she needed to improve her handwriting.  She would like to copy poems and write some of her own.  Story writing, both handwritten and typed on the computer was requested.

Tiegan would like to do at least two sessions of maths per week, more if time and inclination allows.

More science experiments were demanded! Human Body is still a big love of hers.

Currently interested in the Georgians, history is something that enthuses Tiegan.  Roman history is another curiosity of hers.  Tiegan too would like to be involved in more projects that include dressing up and cooking etc.

Tiegan enjoys being heavily involved in the garden work.  She has planted seeds and takes great care of them.  She also has sole responsibility of Oscar her rabbit - a job taken extremely seriously and with great dedication.

Arts and crafts interest her. She would like to practice her drawing skills in particular and is interested in studying famous artists and copying their styles.

Tiegan would like us to set up a Nature table display, and is looking forward to our Butterfly raising this year.

Callum is now showing a great interest in "schoolwork".  He is experimenting with writing, and reading skills are developing.  He often asks us how to spell a random word so he can write it down.   His favourite books of the moment are the Gruffalo books.  He 'reads' these - partially through reading skill, but mainly through great memorisation skills!

The first 'real' project that Callum has shown an interest in studying is on the subject of Spiders.  He would like to be able to identify a few, learn about food and hunting tactics, find out about web building, and learn rhymes and stories following the theme.


I would like to encourage a little more art work with both boys.  I think drawing, painting, working with clay etc, will aid dexterity and help with general handwriting.

Taisia woke up before long, and we were greeted with faces such as these ...



Sunshine and smiles - how blessed am I?1


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely day :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, but have to say my HE world seems rather boring now. Sue W

  3. it's been glorious hasn't it - just loving this sunshine, and we've certainly made the most of it. Love planning days like that too - so exciting to think of all the fun things that you can do, sounds like they all had some great ideas as well - think you'll be busy over the next couple of weeks!! And at the risk of repeating myself for about the millionth time, you have the cutiest, lovliest baby in the world. I see those photos and I just want to snuggle her all over. Such a darling.

  4. What beautiful photo's of family time!!! Love reading your blog! x x Thank you for sharing! x x