Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playdough and Bob...

Hello all, how you doing?  I hope your Thursday has been an utterly fantabulous one, and you are looking forward with relish to what tomorrow has in store - will you be watching the big wedding?

Our Thursday has been pretty good.  We haven't achieved all that we had wanted to - procrastination is an evil thing - but we've enjoyed it none the less...


Taisia wanted to demonstrate that fact.

I'd like to introduce you to Bob. Bob has come to stay with us for a few days to help us learn about the human body.

We modelled Bob on Tiegan...

Creating Bob

had a little chat...

Joe's new friend

made sure he had a good stuffing...


had a cuddle...

Chelsea and Bob

and welcomed him to the family...


Tomorrow we shall be making his body parts - he's looking a little, erm, dare I say, unwell at the moment.

Today has also been the day when we made our first ever batch of playdough. I have two playdough addicts. Callum and Tiegan adore the finger squishing stuff, and quite frankly, it costs us a fortune keeping them in supplies. A long while ago, some kind soul shared their homemade playdough recipe on their website.  I bookmarked it, and even printed it out, but never got around giving it a go. That's now being rectified, and I shall be very reluctant to buy it from a store again.

The recipe itself is very cheap and easy to make. It consists of salt, flour, sunflower oil, water, and cream of tartar. Vanilla essence, lavender oil or some such can be added for scent.

Playdough mixing

Making Playdough

We then coloured the dough with food colouring...


Even the oldies enjoyed this bit...

Bless her


Have I told you how much I love her? I adore the fact that at 15 we have the most wonderful relationship a mother could wish for.

Tiegan loved making it too - she put her pinny on and everything just for the occasion...

first homemade playdough

Actually - she was protecting her party frock from getting dirty. She had a Brownie Royal Wedding Party celebration to attend this evening.

This is our first batch - I'm so proud *heart*

Our first batch

We all agreed it's far nicer (and so much cheaper!) than the shop bought stuff and very very squidgeable!


Callum has definitely given it the thumbs up. A solid 5 and a half hour playdough fest followed the making, only pausing briefly to eat ice-cream with chocolate sauce (hence the state of his face and t-shirt!)


When Tiegan returned home from her party (all happy and chatty, obviously thoroughly enjoyed!), she too made a bee-line for the playdough and together they came up with all sorts of creations.


The playdough has only just been put away ready for tomorrows play - it's 10.30pm, I think it's a success don't you?

Chelsea and Tiegan have both started new Chapter books for their out loud reading time. Chelsea has chosen The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. Tiegan wants to read A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler.


Callum meanwhile is still more than happy to read The Gruffalo. I am so happy to be able to post photos such as these...

Gruffalo again

When I think back to not long ago when Callum (bless him) was doing his utmost to avoid books at all costs. He didn't want to listen to our read alouds, he didn't want me to buy him books (even on subjects that he adores such as dinosaurs), he wouldn't listen to his siblings reading - nothing. He told me in no uncertain terms that he hates books and hates reading. My heart sank at that time. I bear witness daily to how much enjoyment the others gain from their reading - the girls are real book-aholics and avenues have opened because of it (book club and review writing where they gain free books)  Joseph has started attending book club too and his knowledge is ever expanding due to his love of reading non-fiction works. Of course, from a purely selfish point of view, home-educating a child capable of independent reading is a whole lot easier than a child unable to read for his or herself.

I'm so glad I have learnt over the years to trust my children. I'm so relieved that I didn't get stressed and panic. I am glad I didn't spend any time worrying that my son would never pick up a book again and therefore I needed to "force" him to read to me in some regimented beserk fashion. I'm happy that I left him to it. I am smiling as I see him pick up a book and enjoy it. Callum isn't an independent reader yet, not by any means. The Gruffalo is such a favourite of his that he knows most of it by heart, occasionally needing to check a word or three as a prompt. He puts such expression into his story telling. High pitched voices for the little creatures, deep dull tones for the bigger beasts. Whispers and loudness, chuckles and quirkiness.  I love it.

The girls brushed up on a few mathematical skills with the game of Uno...


and dear Taisia has learnt a great deal. That she has these two funny things at the end of her body for example...

What are these

Another busy but fun-filled day.

I apologise for not bringing you the promised reviews today.  They are typed ready for editing, so will be popping up here on the blog very soon.


  1. Sounds like a great day - home-made playdough is such fun isn't it - actually my two enjoy the making of it nearly as much as the playing with it once it's made.

    Hope you enjoyed the royal wedding weekend - did you watch it - we weren't really planning on it, but started to watch and then decided it was too interesting not to - but lots of learning of history and geography and pagentry - it was fascinating for all of us!!

  2. Playdough is fantastic, isn't it!
    You can also add spices, chinese 5 spice is a good one to add, but it will leave you wanting to eat chinese takeaway!!!
    My little boy loves Julia Donaldson books too and so do I.


  3. Hi Julia. I no longer post on the blog you were a follower of, my new blog is , do drop by sometime! Looking forward to seeing Bob's body parts. heh heh heh

  4. My daughter resists books too. I basically ignore her "I don't want to listen to your stupid books" tantrums. She usually ends up listening happily. But she MUST fight it first. ;) Such lovely children, such a lovely blog. :)

  5. This is lovely - a perfect post for the 'home ed day in photos' carnival on my blog :)