Thursday, May 12, 2011

Worn out but happy :)

Time for a mammoth catch up posting. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...

We have recently visited Charmouth, gateway to the Jurassic Coast, for a fossil hunting expedition.  It was organised by a lovely lady for home-educators, and included the much needed wisdom of a palaeontologist.  The weather was meant to have been rather wet and windy, but in large contrast to that it was very warm with not the slightest of breezes.  My poor children cooked after my "wrap up warm as you don't want to be chilly on the coast" talk.  Despite this though, we had a fabulous time.  We were a little disappointed not to find some of the amazing fossils others did, but we did find plenty of Belemnite Fossils which really were in abundance.  

(As always, I've tried to hide identities of those I don't have permission to show. I don't think anyone is easily recognisable, but if you would prefer a photo to be removed, please get in touch).

Paleantologist talk - Charmouth

Charmouth fossil hunt



Tiegan's friend wrote this in the sand and was pleased when I suggested I took a photo...


At peace with her world


At the beach

Needing a haircut

Enjoying the view

(Callum has since had a hair cut!)


We had a fabulous day. Great to be with friends and make new ones. The weather was wonderful, the location beautiful, the subject matter fascinating, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A place we shall definitely be returning to.

A few days later we were at Ness Cove in Shaldon. Here the weather wasn't so good, although it did stay dry. Oh the wind was blustery and almost gale like, BUT we had a lovely social day. It was a Teignbridge and Torbay home-ed group meeting, and three new families joined us. All of the kids seemed to get on very well and as always it was a pleasure to see children of all ages just playing along together. Two of the families will (hopefully) become regular members, the other is debating about a move to the area but we very much hope they will take the plunge and join us. As it was so very windy on the beach, I neglected to take photos (juggling a very inquisitive baby and the camera is bad enough without feeling like you need to hold on to both for dear life!) But, during a calmer moment away from the shore, we did see these little fellas - all together now, awwwwww!

little ducklings

I was told there were 13 ducklings, all belonging to one very busy (and patient!) mama.


At home, we have been busy little peas in our pod. Chelsea did an experiment to see if she could create a "rubber bone". She used a cooked chicken bone, covered it in vinegar, left it for four days, and it became bendy...

Bendy bone

Meanwhile, Callum has been put to work...

The worker

Poor lad has to go out in his favourite (old and too small) PJ's.

I love this picture - the kids reading to Taisia whilst still in their pyjamas. Cute (and a lovely part of our home-ed family life).

Reading in PJs

Bracelets have been created...


and Slow Worms have visited...

Slow worm

Meanwhile, I have been loving the fact that Taisia is starting to settle in the evenings. She makes herself comfy on the sofa next to me, and happily sleeps for hours now - yay! This has freed me up to experiment with my new love of needle felting. Some experimentation creations...

5 little ducks went swimming one day...

5 little ducks


I'll be making a set of these...

I'll be making a set of these

I finally completed the fairy...

Spring Fairy

Made a doll...


Created my first rose corsage...


and tried out "painting" with wool roving...

Needlefelting picture

Take my heart with you

I'm pretty happy with the results and they've definitely been a learning curve and given me food for thought :)

Yesterday we had a lovely few hours at a local park / nature reserve with fellow home-edding friends. There were 8 families in total, and the weather stayed dry! Very grey and dull, but dry. Just as we were thinking of packing up our things and going home, we were approached by a man asking if we were a home-ed group - another family interested in joining us, numbers are growing! It's great to see a really thriving home-ed community :)

Today we are having a quiet day at home. I've got cleaning to do, and the kids are doing their own thing. So far we've had playdough modelling, Wii Fit Playing, remote control digger using, laptop viewing, discussions about news events, reading, rabbit care, game planning, and documentary watching...what will the rest of the day have in store?


  1. looks like you have all been very busy, we are hoping to visit the Jurassic coastline at some point, it looks fab there. Just the place to visit for budding palaeontologists.

    I love your felting, it is so beautiful :)

  2. Your needle felted creations are just fab, have you used a book/internet tutorial as a guide, or made things up as you went along?

    San x

  3. Those little felted ducks are gorgeous! I bought my 8 year old a needle-felting kit for Christmas, but we are most definitely beginners - you make it look so easy!!

  4. I love your needlefelting, they look wonderful and Im very jealous of your fairy!