Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh when will my feet touch the ground?

I'm feeling as if I have a finger if far too many pies at the moment, but strangely that doesn't mean that I feel out of my depth.  I'm being challenged far more than ever before, I'm making ever growing to-do lists pages and pages long, and my head is all over the place.  But it feels good.

Firstly.  Lee (gorgeous and oh so wonderful husband) passed his City and Guilds Plumbing exam last week. The course, which was meant to be two years, was completed in just under one.  It is the second plumbing course he has passed with ease.  How clever is he?  I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of him.  The fact that he has gone back to college and completely retrained in his 40th year is wonderful and life changing. It of course proves that it's never too late.  No matter how you do at school, no matter what exam results you get, or how many F's are on your papers and doors are slammed in your face.  You CAN still achieve something.  What a fantastic role model to our children.

Lee is now in the process of setting up his own business.  At the moment he is still in full-time employment, but we are hoping that the Aquamend work will pick up and he will be able to reduce his hours and go it alone.  Of course business planning is something that keeps you busy.  With a website to design and build, tax to register for, advertising to do, promotional materials to design, etc etc, I think it's safe to say I'm being kept quite busy.

Why then, why oh why, do I go and create twice the work for myself?

I've decided to re-start Perkypigs Household Services.  Regular visitors to the blog may remember me fluttering with the idea a fair while ago.  Lee had been out of work for a long time, and we were worried what the future held for us financially.  We decided to set up a business - primarily offering cleaning and maintenance services which we would both partake in.  The response was amazing.  Phone calls and email enquiries came flooding in, particularly for the new mothers help service.  We were thrilled of course, but then before any jobs were undertaken circumstances changed.  Lee got offered a full time job which of course he had to take.  This obviously changed things.  Who would look after the children? How would the home-ed work around both of us working?  I had sleepless nights trying to figure out which direction we should go.  At one point I thought that the children being in school would be the best option (I know I know, hard to believe!) Yes the possible money making was tempting, but at what cost to our family?

Then the decision was made for us.  I found out that I was pregnant and all of our plans were thrown up into the air.

Perkypigs Services was forgotten.

Only it wasn't.

The phone calls and emails continued.  We had done minimum advertising but it appeared there was a need for household help in the area.  This made me wonder what might had been.  I have always felt uneasy about not going ahead with it, with a gut feeling telling me it was a mistake.  Of course it was the right thing to do at the time, the practicalities were too complicated to run smoothly especially as we were already adjusting to a new routine with Lee back in work.   Looking after a home, home-educating and caring for 4 children whilst being pregnant was a big enough job, without scrubbing other peoples floors, toilets, baths, and skirting boards.  It really wasn't a good time for trying to launch a business.

But here we are.

Plans seem almost doable now.  Obviously there are still things that need thinking about and working through, but anything is possible right?

So Perkypigs Household Services is back up and running.  I've sorted out insurance, started local advertising, ordered postcards and business cards, designed and created the website which is almost complete, and basically ran myself ragged for the last week or so.

It will be worth it. It will.

I have lots of plans for special offers and promotions.  I'm going to have a blog with housekeeping hints and tips, including cleaning and organising ideas, maybe some decorating and interior design tips too.  I'll be making things for the home, so can still use my crafting skills somewhat (and Felt Sew Freaky will still be up and running as a hobby).

Exciting times.

In other news, we are all well.  The kids are doing well, all of them working on their own project ideas.  Chelsea is looking into Victorian history, Joseph into the Georgians, Tiegan Spiders and Ancient Greeks, and even Callum is expressing an interest in "schoolwork".  He has chosen the themes Bugs, Spiders, and Dinosaurs :)

The "Dandy Doodle Day" idea is going really well.  It's incorporating a little bit of, ahem, "art" thought into the day of the most reluctant of artists.  So far themes (chosen by the children) have included creating a new Mr Man or Little Miss, and Nursery Rhyme Characters.

We have had some lovely home-ed outings, including visiting Dawlish Warren where we almost lost a couple of children...

That's Joe in there!
 Taisia has been busy growing...

and taking on the role of chief cheeky monkey and utterly gorgeous one...

We've also been spending "sunshiny days" in our garden...

Climbing trees.

Having cuddles.

 Watching Harry.

 Helping to tidy.

 Looking gorgeous.

 Making Kira happy.

Learning what happens when you tip something upside down...

Growing muscles...

Smiling in the sunshine.


and of course, being silly...

We had a few internet issues for just over a week, but they seem to be fully resolved now thank goodness.  I surprised myself by not missing online time at all, although home-edding without the internet permanently would have been a tough chore!  Google after all is one of our very bestest friends.

I've been busy crafting...

Needle felted cakes.

Sock creature

Hey, I can see and talk now!
 and Chelsea has been helping, she made this brooch by needle felting the heart and sewing (yes, she sewed!) on the buttons. Completely her own design and colour choice.  I like it :)

Life is rather grand don't you think?


  1. Oh well done to your dh and best of luck with both businesses - I so empathise, having been up down up on several business ideas of my own, and having had to abandon ship when life and family threw me curved balls!
    Can we see your gorgeous post cards and business cards? My business cards are Moo so they are quite cool, but my attempts at a postcard are so far as dull as ditchwater!

  2. wow Julia , well done and congratulations to Lee, so inspiring :) I hope the perkypigs goes well, loving the website , have you done the art on there? it's very good. wow the speed you're going at puts my head in a spin ;-)
    love to you all xxx