Sunday, July 31, 2011

Always chasing my tail...

That's how life seems at the moment.  I feel as if I'm running around in circles chasing my tail with my never-ending to-do list.  There are so many things I want to do, so many plans I want to progress into fruition, so many crafts I want to try, things I want to make, places I want to take the children, recipes I want to bake, subjects I want to study.

I need to calm down.



Smile :)

There is lots of time to do all the things I wish to, I just need to make that time.

I need to spend less time doing things that are wasteful.  Those five minute morning email checks that turn into a one hour plus computer session...."Ooooh, I'll just check this, I'll just reply to that, I'll just organise this or clarify that...."

I need to teach myself the power of restraint.  I need to learn self-control and forget about my old friend (foe)  Lady Procrastination.  If I want to make something, I can sort out the materials I need and make it. If I want to go somewhere, I need to arrange it/book it/GO.  Instead of aimlessly hopping from one website or blog to another, I can plan unit studies, science experiments, or trips out with the children.  Instead of refreshing Facebook for the hundredth time that evening to ensure I'm not missing out on the latest gossip, or playing some no-point-to-it-but-fun-game, I can knit, sew, or create in my art journal.

I've told myself all of this before.

I know what I have to do.

I just need to DO it :)

Self-rant over.

What have we been up to...?

Well Sir Bruce Cluck-alot came out of his hiding place for his weekly check up.  He didn't look too good, but then I guess neither would I if I had been spending my time with oodles of salt covering every nook and cranny.

The smell was quite pongy, but we could imagine it being a whole lot worse had the salt not been in place.  The body itself was showing little sign of deterioration, despite the high (ish) temperatures and humid conditions we have experienced here in Devon in the past few days.  I certainly wouldn't like to cook and devour dear Brucy in it's current form, but it is definitely not as decomposed as it would be had it been left to hang loose as it were. 

None of my lot wanted to touch poor Sir Bruce, it gave them all the Eeeby Geebies (love that saying) just thinking about doing so.  Finally good ol' Chelsea stepped up and did the deed, on condition she could wear gloves.

You will be happy to know that pongy Cluck-a-lot is now back in hiding after another salt spa treatment. He is eagerly awaiting his next appointment where he will be decorated in the finest toilet roll Tesco has to offer.  He has been booked in for Thursday.

There isn't a great deal of other stuff to report really.  Life has been, well, just life :)  Mostly good, with a few little blips in the form of the dready sneezy wheezy thingy-ma-bobs.  Taisia has been very short on smiles recently, with a bit of an upset tummy (the bit that shows itself in very prolific smelly nappies...), runny nose and teething.  This has meant not too many oh so joyful days, but more like the oh so yawny type.  Still, as all good home-educators know, the learning never stops...

and there is always someone around in this household for snuggly cuddles when bubba is tired...

Today was spent lazy-ing around on Dartmoor.  Family time.  {Heart}

Isn't this place so beautiful?  Perfect for a picnic...

and a play...

The children were planning a Harry Potter game when this picture was took - hence the sticks wands.  I love the close relationship my guys have with one another.  More than just siblings.  They are the best of friends. 

Taisia very much enjoyed her first proper picnic experience where she could help herself to food (and help herself she did, with great gusto!).

She thought iced donuts were particularly tasty...


She wanted to show you all of the great assortment of food she tried so she left the evidence for all to see...chocolate, cheddar biscuits, donuts, kiwi fruit, sausages, scotch eggs....the list goes on and on...

Maybe not the most nutritious of meals, and definitely not one the health visitor would approve of (if I ever went to see her..), but oh such happy days :)


  1. I have the sane problem Julia so much I want to do but really just need to get on with it! If you find the motivation please send some my way pretty please :-))
    Lovely photos as usual!
    Zoe xx

  2. Lovely, lovely pics! I wonder if Tasia was saving that spare bit of mini cheddar on her shoulder for the journey home?
    Better a bit of mini cheddar on the shoulder than a chip on the shoulder! :)