Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm still flying...

**Warning, this post is long and contains too many photos, go grab a cuppa!**

I don't think my feet have touched the ground yet, but it's (almost) all good :)  Have to admit today didn't go at all to plan.  Instead of the usual Monday meet up with the HE group, we had a home day as Taisia was out of sorts and that meant I was feeling drained with a headache looming.  I don't like to drive when I have a headache as they often develop into migraine symptoms and obviously driving with visual disturbances is a no no!   With an unexpected free day, I decided to make a start on painting the kitchen when I had stopped pulling what little hair I have remaining outthings settled, Taisia slept.   As there is a telling lack of pictures, you can guess it was a disaster.  Back to the drawing board with paint choices.  'Nuff said.

Let's move swiftly on, what have we been doing?

We've had home-ed group meetings to Decoy Park in Newton Abbot (it was wet, for a while, they dry, for a while).  And we had our first ever visit to Seale Hayne, where it also rained, but a good time was had anyway.  We especially enjoyed the art gallery and visiting the animals...


We've been discovering our creative side and making toys and gifts galore!

"I'm still under construction, go away!"
Tiegan has found out that she too loves sewing, just like her mama *love*.

And our Nature Journal took a priceless twist when we found new residents in our own garden....

We think there are at least 6 of the little fella/fella-esses :)

Taisia has discovered her feet...

and she found out that she very much enjoys food...

The little lady entertains us daily with her many expressions - beautiful, thought expressive and more often than not, very funny...

I'm not doing anything mama, honest!

Her trademark nose wrinkle - she snorts as she does it :)
Right mama, enough is enough. Put that darn thing down and just give me a cuddle!
My gorgeous not-so-little-man-any-more turned 6 years old, and celebrated with a family party, a trip to Burgerking (his choice *sigh*), a doggy shaped cake with dinosaur candles, and a new PC game...

Add a few water pistols to the mix, and you get a very happy birthday boy with very wet and perhaps not quite as happy siblings :)

Tiegan has once again mentioned her want for more structure to our days.  By this she means she wants "schoolwork" given to her, or at least suggested.  We did try out a "Tiegan's to-do list", where she wrote down what she wished to do during the day.  This was bought about by her wondering where all of her hours were going as she sat with head buried in a book for 3 to 4 hour stretches.  The list idea worked ok, but she wanted a bit more prompting from me, so we are working on that.  She suggested that we go back to the "_____ of the week idea".

She thinks we could do:

  • Person of the week (perhaps tying in with a person's birthday or related date).
  • Author of the week.
  • Country of the week.
  • Poem of the week.
  • Artist of the week.
  • Composer of the week.
  • Flower of the week. 
Having talked to the others, the idea was well received and it was decided that the children will do as much or as little about the topic as they choose.  The foundation seed is planted by a short piece read aloud.  This can then be developed by producing a piece of artwork, or listening to some music, researching more facts about a person, cooking a traditional recipe etc etc.  We have tried something similar previously.  It worked quite well, but the workload it created for me each evening was a bit of a nightmare time-wise.  Hopefully things are more settled now with Taisia beginning to sleep well some nights, and Chelsea has offered to help with the fact finding so that will help greatly.

Speaking of Chelsea, my wonderful but very diverse dear daughter has discovered an interest in Beethoven.  This interest was sparked by listening to the auto-tunes on the keyboard she practices on, and liking a composition by Beethoven.  Both Chelsea and Joseph are doing a joint project on the composer, which makes for interesting listening in between the punk rock and Japanese tunes.

We are hoping that Chelsea might be able to have her brace removed from her teeth tomorrow morning - celebratory photos will be shared if she does! 

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