Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meal Planning...

Last night we had Salmon steaks with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and baby potatoes.
The rest of this week's planned meals look like this...

Tuesday, Cauliflower and Cheese soup with Sesame seed Croutons.
Wednesday, Chicken Fajitas with Salad.
Thursday, Home-made Cottage Pie.
Friday, Sausage Meat Balls with Pasta.
Saturday, Leek and Pea Soup with home-baked bread.
Sunday, Pork Chops with vegetables.
Monday, Home-Made Scotch Broth.

Tuesday will be Home-made Macaroni and Cauliflower Cheese.

For desserts we will be having melon, home baked goodies, and ice-cream.


  1. This is really nosy I know but can you give me some idea of how much you spend weekly feeding your gang? I seriously need to make some savings this month and am looking for any inspiration I can find to help!

    Thanks, A xx

  2. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Hi, thanks for sharing your weekly meal planner. I too do this as it seems to help with feeding our family of 6 plus 2 extra at the moment. Will take some inspiration from you menu. I get sooooooo bored with working out what to feed everyone each week. I may even add my own weekly menu on. Thanks again! Angela