Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Sir Bruce Cluck-a-Lot of Kingskerswell...

Sir Bruce cluck a lot

Not looking too healthy and full of life really is he?

As the children have suddenly gained a (renewed) interest in Ancient Egypt and all that goes with it, I thought that this time around we would do the ol' mummified chicken thing.

So,we started off with a chicken (dead, obviously), and the children wanted to call it a name.


This went on to becoming rather exaggerated, and transformed into "Sir Bruce Cluck-a-Lot of Kingskerswell".

I love my kids!

Hmm, not very Egyptian like though is it?

They did however talk very nicely to dear Brucey, thanking him for handing over his body to Science and Discovery and telling him how much they appreciated his sacrifice in the name of their education.

I don't think they are taking this Egyptian project too seriously.

Moving along.

After the initial hysterical "Urgh! I'm not touching that!" malarkey that gave us all a giggle, Sir Bruce was washed thoroughly...


Which somehow led to a discussion regarding the Tudors hygiene habits (?!)

He was then popped into a zip-lock seal bag and completely (COMPLETELY!) covered with salt. Note **If you don't completely cover the chick the smell gets oh soooooo bad.**

adding salt

Now resting in a safe place, Sir Bruce will join us again at the same time next week for a repeat performance.

In the meantime the kids have plans for making a sarcophagus, and writing a fond farewell service.  They really aren't taking this educational activity very seriously ;o)

In other news from Pollard towers, Taisia is still loving her newish found ability to clap...


and she very much enjoys spending time with her big bro...

sibling love

and she laps up the attention of the camera...

pretty girl

Chelsea got a gorgeous new dress delivered from the Next Sale which she loves...

Dress has arrived

(Yes, she had a partial dress-up with wig day today)

This is the dress detail...

dress detail

and I'm sharing this picture with you just 'cos I love it...


And finally (are you relieved?), one of our caterpillars is on his way to the top of the pot in preparation for the chrysalis stage...

Day 7

In my news, I think I've found a useful way of using up all (I have lots) of my waterslide decals that I used to use in my egg-crafting days. Pictures will follow one day soon...


  1. Chelsea's new dress is fab!!

  2. Wow-what an amazing Egyptian project. Not sure that I would be that brave but it will be unforgetable for your children.

    Found your blog via Pyjama School.

  3. Anonymous1:26 pm

    How lovely to meet you and your family. Thank you for following me and leaving a comment on my blog this week! Your children are very gorgeous and I admire your ideas & influences on every day life!!