Friday, July 08, 2011

How y'all doin' ?

So it's Friday.  How has your week gone thus far?  Ours has been a bit busy, but enjoyable.  With a face like this...

greeting you in the morning, every day should be enjoyable don't you think?

Chelsea is loving the freedom her mouth now feels without the binding of a fixed brace on her teeth.  I am mightily proud of her, she never moaned or complained about having to wear it.  The end result has definitely proved worth the 3 year process, and Chelsea is very much enjoying being able to eat food without any constraints.  The novelty of being able to bite into an apple with ease seemed to really tickle her :)

Wednesday of this week saw the arrival of a beach hut in our lounge...


It's the perfect viewing point for the TV I believe...

and for babysitting pretend babies apparently...

On Thursday we had a fabulous day with wonderful friends.  We certainly put the world to rights as we sat at the kitchen table.  The children (7 in all) spent their time building train tracks with Brio, examining the content of the garden ponds, visiting a "haunted" property, walking to the beach, reading poetry books, discussing Dracula and Vlad the Impaler, alongside an excessive amount of general talking and giggling!  Delicious cake was eagerly devoured, and many cups of tea and raspberry juice were consumed. 

Some of the conversations were thought-provoking to say the least and I came home with a head full of questions and ideas about the possibilities of the future.

We still have our little hedgehog garden residents which is really nice.  I opened the door at 3am the other morning to let the dog out and the cat in (yes, my life is *that* exciting!) to find one of the cheeky spikey fellas sat by the back door.  Strangely enough there were no slugs in our kitchen that morning....

The Hedgies are more than welcome to stay :)

Check out for hedgehog information.

Tiegan has re-discovered her artistic and creative side again.  Along with the sewing she has been doing this week, the watercolour paints have also surfaced and a fair few paintings have been produced.  This is great as it also encourages Callum to have a go at painting, something that he doesn't naturally gravitate towards.  Her reading thirst continues, this week has seen her reading 2 of the Harry Potter books and completing Mr Galliano's Circus by Enid Blyton.  In her words, "Mr Galliano's Circus is my second favourite book."  The love of dear Enid continues.

Joseph has been watching lots of documentaries on the internet on various subjects including Georgian history and the Aztecs.  He's been reading various history titles, including those from the Horrible History series.  He cooked dinner for us on Wednesday evening - Chilli and Rice - which was rather scrumptious.  I'm so pleased that Joe is developing a love of cooking along with the girls.

Callum has just been, well, Callum.  He flits from one interest to another, nosying at what the others are up to and joining in with them if he sees fit to.  His reading vocabulary is growing - again, he is self-taught with no tuition from myself (although I'm always on hand for assistance when required, obviously!), and he is still loving his time on the laptop.  Favourites at the moment are cookery games, visiting Club Penguin, designing things on Paint - his current obsession is making up new Mr Men characters.

Tiegan, Joseph and Callum have all been looking after our vegetable area in the garden.

Chelsea has been reading lots.  She has read the 3rd Harry Potter book and started on the 4th, along with the Horrible Histories books about the Georgians and Tudors.  Chelsea has enjoyed watching a documentary on the Giant Octopus which led to further research, and this morning she was intrigued by a documentary on the Salem Witch Trials.  She has done a lot of writing about Beethoven, and has started looking at the artist Picasso.  Her next plan is to research and write about the Victorian era.

Taisia has been utterly gorgeous of course.  She now waves goodbye, gives "five", claps hands and of course stands on her feet (whilst holding on to things).  She is fascinated by everything which I love.  Here she is wondering how she can open the door...

and her beautiful smile...

This afternoon we shall be re-designing our Nature Journal and doing a bit of maths.  I think baking has been mentioned too.

I have set up a facebook page for my arty-crafty stuff, so if anyone is interested in socky-animals, needle-felted goodies, or indeed just want to be nosy, the link to like the page is: Felt Sew Freaky  I've already been lucky enough to get an order for two sock monkeys which are almost completed, and some needle-felted cakes.

I shall leave you with a video of Taisia, aged 8 months, showing off her raspberry blowing expertise and singing talent...

Britain's Got Talent here we come! 

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  1. Taisia is absolutely gorgeous! Makes me almost want to have another baby, but no... I'll wait for the grandchildren (which hopefully should be another couple of years yet. LOL!)