Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Weekend is almost over....

Yesterday was a strange one for us as we had no daddy in the house all day.  He was off doing work for Aquamend Plumbing.  As he had taken the car (we are on the look out for a van, but we are still a one car family at the moment which works ok 90% of the time), we were a little restricted as to where we could go.  We don't have a train station here in the village, and catching the bus means paying silly prices.

We decided to have a home day, which actually, with the weather as it was, was quite a good idea in hindsight.  At the time though it felt strange as Saturday is usually our going out day.  I managed to get loads done on the Classroom Free home-education site because of the home time, which will mean fewer late nights! I'm giving it a complete overhaul, changing the colour scheme and some of the content.  There will be resource lists, project inspiration, and home-education and positive parenting articles - but please be patient with me. I can only work on the site when littlest lady is sleeping soundly.

The kids fluttered around doing their own things.  Board games were played, dolls were cuddled and cared for, reading was done, TV was watched, diaries were written, animals were looked after, and computers were worked on.

We all got together in the afternoon to play on the Wii, with me dipping in and out as we took turns to use the 4 controls.  We have got the new Wii Motion with the red control and that has been quite a success, but Wii Party still wins.

Once Lee (gorgeous husband) returned home, we all got whisked out for a surprise meal which of course was very welcome.  Taisia in particular loved the new dining location and new food samples, all were eaten with terrific gusto.

Today has been a really pleasant family day.  It was nice to be able to spend time with Lee as it doesn't feel as if I've seen him much this week at all.  He has worked away for a night, and even when he has been working locally it has been for long shifts.

We headed over to Broadsands and Elberry Cove.  I needed to check the area out for a future home-ed group meeting.  I was very pleased to see a large car park (those that know me and my driving skills will know why size is important...), although the cost was a little on the pricey side.  There was a seasonal cafe where we purchased Hot-Chocolates and Slushies.  We were very pleasantly surprised by the place and it was quickly decided that we will visit again very soon.  The kids fancy the idea of an evening picnic.

Broadsands Beach...

We walked through the field passed the "Pitch and Putt" golf.  We were impressed by the views, the sense of freedom we felt, and the amount of benches 'en route for weary legs!

The beach at the cove is pebbled, but great for skimming stones and checking underneath the bigger rocks for signs of life.

There were shrimps in this little pool, but they were far too fast for me to catch on camera.

We skimmed stones ...

Tiegan was as ever on the look out for the pretty and unusual stones and materials, showing me each one she took a fancy to...

We finally managed to get a photograph of me and the kids that I like :)

Callum was as enthusiastic as ever and shared his precious finds with me, sometimes demanding that I take a picture...

 and we explored the ruins...

We looked for hidden beauties and decided that beauty is all around us, we just need to look hard enough...

And had proof that love surrounds us all of the time...

I'm pleased to announce that lots of snuggles were had...

We found these fabulous Beadlet Anemones as they look when they are closed.  We thought they bore a striking resemblance to raw jelly cubes. 

We returned home and had a "picky dinner" whilst all watching a Harry Potter movie.

We momentarily lost Harry the cat.  Searching high and low, inside and out, he was no where to be seen.  Suddenly someone caught a glimpse of his black shiny coat.  Where else would he be but in the Beach hut that has taken up residence in our dining room at the moment...

I love him!
That beach hut tent was worth every single penny.

I shall leave you with an update on our 2011 Butterfly Project (I apologise  for the poor quality photographs.)..

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five
(Definitely more noticeable growth today)


  1. Oh what lovely pictures, I do miss the West country coast, I'm from Devon so great to keep links with the area. x

  2. What a beautiful beach! Those ruins are very very cool looking.

    I just found your blog, and I am very happy I did. I loved reading your about why you felt that homeschooling was better for your children and how you came to that decision.

  3. Fabby update Jules xxx you always seem to be able to cram so much into your days and remain totally unflustered whereas I am constantly in a tizzy lol! Maybe I should move down to Devon and absorb some of the calmness you seem to exude.

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  4. Beautiful family photo! Love your blog, your energy and colourful days.:)

  5. Lovely family photo! Love your blog,really enjoy your happy, colourful days. :)