Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Just another day...

My Tuesday morning started off fabulously well when I read an email that literally bought tears to my eyes.  A very lovely new blog reader (*waves*), emailed me to say thank you for my writings and how much I had helped her put things into perspective within her own life.  To hear that by rambling on about our life's journey I am inspiring people is huge for me, and I very much envisage continuing for years to come.

Apart from that bit of exciting (for me) news, there isn't much to report from the Pollard household today.  But as I am desperately trying to blog everyday throughout August, as a personal challenge, I am going to witter on to my hearts content and apologise if the boring factor creeps in  :)

Once the children were up and dressed we headed out to Torquay.  Last night I'd promised the children that we could have hot chocolate (with the all important marshmallows and cream) and cake for breakfast (I'm such a good mum, can you tell?  Always thinking of the healthy option...)  This led to a discussion about the Georgians eating habits, as the children announced that cake for breakfast was often the norm for them - see there are learning experiences in all that we do ;)

Georgian eating habits

After that, we had a good ol' mooch around the shops.  I bought some wool to make Taisia a much needed cardigan, and I treated myself to a pair of walking boots, a rucksack and a new picnic blanket (just 'cos the pattern was pwetty!)  Tiegan got a lovely new coat and I picked up some paint sample pots to gain ideas for the kitchen.  I think I've found my perfect colour :)

It's the same colour that Chelsea wants for her new bedroom.  Did I mention that Chelsea is having a new bedroom?  She is going to have a bedroom all to herself whilst the younger girls will share - well, when Taisia is old enough/wants to, she is more than happy sharing my bed at the moment :)  Chelsea is having a vintage Alice in Wonderland themed room.

Oh be still my creative heart that is overflowing with wondrous possibilities!

Once home we had a peek at our butterflies, and were really pleased to see that the last of the 5 had emerged from their slumber.  That gives us a 100% success rate for the 4 years we have raised caterpillars, that equals very happy children (and a relieved mummy!).  We  made some sugar solution to offer them, cut up a banana and sliced an orange, all of which seemed to be very much enjoyed.  After a quick tidy up, Chelsea and I made Corned Beef Hash using this recipe.  It was yummy!  Definitely one to add to the saved file.

I was asked in a comment how much we spent on our weekly food bill for all of us (2 adults, 15 and 13 year old teens, 9 year old, 6 year old, and 9 month baby, plus animals).  I can usually do the meal planning and budgeting for between £80 and £100 per week - that includes baby essentials, washing up liquid/dishwasher tablets, washing powder, toilet rolls, and food for the cat, dog, and budgie.  I plan our shopping so on the weeks we need the more expensive things such as washing powder (I buy the big boxes), or dishwasher tablets, the meals we eat are cheaper.

I hope that answers the query :)

Right, just the online grocery shop to complete tonight, then planning our day tomorrow (baking and science experiments I think. Chelsea is off to the cinema with a friend.  If the weather is nice we might head out somewhere instead!)

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  1. Hi, Just foud your blog, its great, I look forward to reading your DAILY posting in August! Thanks so much for the link about Georgian Food. We are doing a mammoth Georgian project (casually) and its great to find this resource.