Monday, August 01, 2011

New Life, Dead Frogs and Bird Boxes.

I think the title just about sums up our day really.

We were meant to be going to our home-ed group meeting today. But the weather wasn't playing fair.  It was dull, foggy, grey, and wet.  Not torrentially wet, but not as dry as most would like it either.  I had planned the meet-up at Haldon Forest, just a short 15 minute drive from our home, thinking (hoping? praying?) that August would mean ok weather.  It didn't.

Still, it's not often that we let the weather spoil our plans, so we headed out anyway - But not before we witnessed a beautiful butterfly emerging from one of the chrysalis casings.  How special to actually see the progression from tiny caterpillar through to beautiful winged creature.  Tiegan was overjoyed to actually get to see the process, we have always been too late to witness an emerging before.

Upon arriving at the forest it quickly became apparent that nobody else from the group shared our enthusiasm for the outdoors in uncertain weather.  We were very much on our lonesome, but we waited around for half an hour or so just in case.  It was a fruitless wait, so we purchased a "Stumped" treasure trail for £2 from the rangers office and went off in search of bird boxes as instructed.  

The first thing that the children took a fancy to was a dead frog in a puddle.

Please, please, please tell me that it isn't just my children with a macabre sense of entertainment?  Please, please, please tell me that other children would have also reacted with glee and joyful (ish) cries of "Oh look mommy, it's a dead frog, look, look!!!"  I implore you to tell me that you too have also been harassed and begged until photographic evidence of the deceased has been taken...

Nice eh?

Here I feel the need to confess to a bad mummy AND cr*p home-educator moment.  

As much as I adore my kids. 

As much as I love seeking out new learning experiences and finding the educational value in everything.

As much as I love my gang lots and lots and thought that I would do literally anything for them. 

Today I learnt that that just wasn't true.  

Today I learnt that although I love my children a huge humungous gigantic amount, and I love facilitating their learning from every day experiences, that even I draw the line sometimes.

I refused to allow the bagging up of the said dead frog and the bringing him home for "an educational experience".

I'm sorry.
I fail.
(But I'm secretly oh so glad that I failed!)

Moving swiftly along, we ventured along the beautiful foggy paths, admiring imagining the beautiful view...

'Twas a wee bit foggy it 'twas.

But that didn't stop my brave intrepid explorers...

They bounded forth without fear...

they hunted high and low...

They followed the directions given on the map...

and found the boxes they needed...

well, they found some of the boxes they needed, until, erm, somebody (aka me, moi, I did it, it was my fault, just don't tell the kids) chose the wrong path.  Still, that gives us an excuse to visit again very soon (do you like my cunning plan? Do ya? Do ya??) - not that we really need an excuse, we had an absolutely awesome time and we need to go back there muchly often.  I've decided.

Here are some more pictures - the boring bits if you don't like spending your time looking at mundane photos of other people's children - feel free to pass these on by without a backward glance....



I sneaked a tree and flower picture in here just to see who was paying attention.  Was that you I heard cry out "But those aren't mundane pictures of your children!" ?

We loved our dull, foggy, damp day at the forest, I hope you enjoyed sharing it with us :)


  1. It's making me want to run out for a walk in the woods Jules!!!
    Zoe x

  2. I just wrote a lentghty comments, which vanished when I wanted to preview...

    Anyway: Macabre sense of entertainment? My 17 year old collects and preserves dead tissue in a formaldehyde solution. Our cat's kidneys, our rabbit's tumor, a dead mouse...

    Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of scientific interest, even if it seems abit macabre...

  3. We would have braved it with you if we didn't live several hundred miles from you! Ho hum. Sounds like a fantastic walk and by the way, I would also have drawn a line at the bringing of dead frogs back home. You are not a bad home ed mummy at all.

  4. I love your black and white looking picture of all the trees and all the fogginess. Beautiful!