Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Monday, Another Groupday...

Monday means group day which means meeting up with friends day.

Today we were due to go to Paignton, so we didn't have to leave the house too early to get there on time.  This was just as well as it was one of those mornings where the minutes super whizzed by at lightening speed but motivational mojo seemed to be in very short supply.  It wasn't down to us not wanting to go to the group - we all had a smile within our hearts as well as on our faces when we talked about going - it was just that we were all in ... go...  sllloooooowwwww ... time ..., which can be frustrating and fun all in a mixed up pickly tickly sort of way. 

We arrived at the park at near on 11am and the children immediately set off to explore the play equipment - all except Joseph. 

Joseph immediately set off to explore the bags containing food. 

The swings are always a firm favourite at the playpark, and the children didn't care a jot about getting soggy bottoms from the recent rain.



It wasn't long before there was quite a gathering of home-educators congregating within the confines of the play area walls. 7 Adults and 15 children - not a bad turn out on a rain-threatened outside meet. It led to photo opportunities such as these... 

  kid tree 

Just great to see all ages enjoying outside fun together. 

Us more sensible older people had interesting chats about home-educating "methods", how we try to do things, and what we have tried in the past, etc etc. We talked about different children suiting different styles, even within the same family, and how we shouldn't (although we all admitted it is difficult not to) compare ourselves or our children to others and try to emulate - it usually doesn't work. All interesting and thought provoking stuff, so thank you ladies. 

We were visited by this rather stunning creature...

  Forest Shield Bug 

We have since identified it as a "Forest Shield Bug" which apparently are quite rare to see as they usually live high in trees. I love home-educating, I know I learn as much as the children, probably more so!

One site we really enjoyed looking through as we were on our identification trail was this one:  

Lots and lots of photos and information.

So after our top-up of socialisation we were fortunate enough to reach the comfort of home before the skies bestowed the wet stuff upon us.  Once indoors the children scurried off to do various things once the identification of the bug had taken place.  Tiegan picked up her Harry Potter book and firmly sunk her nose within it's pages.  Callum went on the laptop and played various games including Angry Birds which you can now play via Chrome (yay, he doesn't have to pinch my phone any more!)  Chelsea read more of her Manga story book, sketched a little, and cooked dinner for me (Meatballs with pasta spaghetti in a tomato sauce).  Whilst Joseph read a book about Victorians and looked at various websites on the computer.

I suddenly felt as if I couldn't stay awake.  I had been awake for much of the night with Taisia again (this time she had decided that attempting to climb onto the bedside drawers and chattering from 3.30am through to almost 6am, is the utmost of fun.  Normally I would agree with her for most part, but already being sleep deprived for the past week and I didn't quite feel up to my popping my climbing boots on and brushing up on my conversational babble skills!)  We had to get up just before 7am to take dear husband to work so we could have the car for the day. 

By 3pm I was severely lacking in the energy department.  Actually, to be more accurate, I was severely lacking in the eye staying open department.  I was oh so very tired!  I have the most wonderful children though.  As I snuggled up with Taisia on the sofa and we both drifted up to sleep, my two teenagers scurried around hoovering and washing dishes so I didn't have to when I awoke.  How very precious.

Taisia and I managed just over an hour before we needed to wake, but it was enough to keep me going until now - just after 2am.  I'm starting to flag again, but have managed to cross a fair bit off my organisational to-do list.  

Baby steps dear mama, baby steps...

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