Friday, September 09, 2011

First week back - into the swing of things?

So here we are on Friday, and I have a rare opportunity to blog during the day and think about how our week has been.  Taisia is sleeping next to me as I type, her little hand and tiny fingers touching my wrist as I clickety click the keys of the keyboard.  Seeking reassurance that I'm still there, bless.

Callum is researching spiders using the other laptop, sitting on the sofa across the room from where I'm at.  Tiegan is in the garden watching (and talking to...) a spider building a web.  She asked the spider for permission to watch - cute.  Callum went out with binoculars to view it too, but came in deciding he wanted to know more about them.  Joseph is tidying his room I believe, and Chelsea is reading Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey, one of the best books she's ever read so she says.

I'm a spare part at the moment - not required - so I'm blogging to catch up :)

Our week has been a really good one, full of enthusiasm and motivation to get back into some sort of routine again.  On Monday I had the idea of trying a "family breakfast".  As Lee (husband and great father) has an early start most mornings, I wouldn't be so cruel as to expect the children to awaken when we get up - between 5am and 6am most days.  Instead the "family" breakfast would just consist of the children and myself, and 8am seemed to be a reasonable time.

So how did it go?

Erm, I had one teenager saying she wasn't really hungry at that time but would try a little bit of cereal, and one 6 year old who didn't want to get out of bed.  So not a huge success, but it was pleasant enough.  I did realise that the children preferred to just be left to rise from their pits at their own leisurely pace, so the family breakfast idea has been shelved and we are back to help yourself to what you want when you want it again - always learning, always adjusting in this household!

The rest of Monday went well.  As I've already blogged, we went to our local home-ed group meeting at Torquay Museum, and had a really positive day ending in baking, chicken mummification, and a nice dinner!

Tuesday was a stay at home day, where I planned to bake and tidy bedrooms.  I finally - I say FINALLY - came up with some edible bread!  I tried a 12 hour bread recipe, where you leave the dough to rise for between 8 to 12 hours.  I left it overnight and was so thrilled when I saw that it had indeed risen rather dramatically when I awoke.  The bread went on to be baked and turned out looking like this...

It tasted sooooo good too, so I'm a happy bread baking mama at last!

I was so chuffed with my new found beginners bread baking skill, I went on to bake two white loaves...

These were obviously utterly irresistible as somebody's **looks at Joseph** little fingers couldn't resist a sampling...

I also had my first attempt at making Bread Pudding and it turned out so yummy!

Wednesday saw us heading out to Exeter to join in the city's Home-Ed group's "Not Back to School" picnic.  The weather was looking a little bit iffy in the morning, with plenty of rain unfortunately, but the venue for the picnic contained an indoor space so we weren't too worried.  We had a quick wander around the shops as we arrived a bit early,  and I bought some gorgeous self-patterning yarn to make a cardigan for Taisia.   My happy mood was a little tarnished when we walked into a charity shop and Joseph got asked if he could take his hood down.  Now, I fully understand the whole "hoodie" culture thing, and how intimidating "hoodies" can be to some people, but what on earth?  It was raining heavily, he had his hood up to stay dry.  He was in a charity shop, with his mum (who was carrying a 10 month old baby in a front sling), 6 yr old brother and 9 and 15 year old sisters - just what were they expecting him to do?!?!  Other people had hoods up on their coats, or hats on and hadn't been told to remove them - so I was quite cross at the stereotyping - young lad, hood up = possible trouble.  I told Joe to leave his hood up and we would leave the shop instead.  

Positivity was soon restored when we arrived at the meeting.  We had a really lovely few hours at the picnic, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new faces.  Most of my lot just wanted to play in the park, but Tiegan did make a paper fan and a volcano with friends.  I've obviously hidden the faces of those involved to protect privacy.

Sadly Wednesday wasn't all happiness and joy when I had a migraine attack as we were driving home.  I blame that Louise myself  ;o)  I was so relieved that I had cleaned up the house before we had left, and had dinner (a chilli) cooking in the slow cooker already, to be served with nachos, quick and simple!  Thankfully, the tablets seemed to work ultra quick this time around (unusually so), and after 4 hours or so I was feeling much better and able to ring a fellow home-educator who had requested a supportive ear. 

On Thursday we had our veggie box delivery due, and we were expecting a rather expensive gift (for husband!).  But we also had our local "Not Back to School" picnic arranged near Paignton.  We waited at home for as long as we could, but had to leave without either delivery being safely indoors, leaving a slow cooker leek and potato soup simmering for dinner when we return.   We were late to arrive at the meeting, but had a really lovely day.  Chelsea and Joseph decided that although the weather wasn't exactly sunny, they would still go paddling - erm, full on into the sea with their clothes on...


But they had a good time.

When we returned home we were pleased to see the veggie box had been delivered, but sadly there was no sign of the other parcel.   We had a family Wii game session.  I love the cycling on Wii Sports Resort, playing it with the kids is so funny!!  

A dinner of Leek and Potato Soup ensued, served with home-made bread.  Truly scrumptious!

When I settled down for the evening though, with the laptop on my knee, Harry had a protest...
"Stop looking at that darn screen and hug me woman!"

Gotta love that cat :)

Today we are having a home day - still waiting for the "expensive" delivery to arrive.  I am going to have a tidy up and hopefully bake a few goodies. I fancy blueberry muffins myself, but will see what the kiddo's choose.  


  1. sounds like a fantastic week - oh your joy and enthusiasm for life just shines out of the page!

    C & J are definitely mad though!!!

    And as for that person telling Joseph to put his hood down - how ridiculous and offensive. You did well to hold your tongue and not rise to the rudeness, I don't know that I would have been so self controlled!

  2. What a busy week! Your bread looks yummy, we always end up with something that could fool a bricklayer!