Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Full of busyness...

I am feeling a little tired today, as if I've been rushing around a bit too much and need an early night to bed.  Will that happen? Well, that will depend on how long it takes me to type this blog post and organise a few things for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are having a much needed home-day. Much needed as we plan on being out again on Friday and have only been at home on Tuesday this week.  Busyness, a week full of busyness.

I like it.

So what have we done today?
The morning didn't go quite to plan.  I had planned on doing the ol' make butter from cream activity with the kiddo's, but stupid stupid stupid me forget we had used the extra thick double cream on a chocolate cake for pudding a couple of days ago.  Whoopsie.  Bad home-ed mama moment.  We had a couple of disappointed faces when I explained my error, but luckily the kids understand that even their mama dearest makes mistakes sometimes as she is (as hard to believe as it is *grin*) only human.  Instead we got on with the task of making home-made Cottage Pie for dinner, 3 loads of laundry washing in the machine, hoovering, mopping, lunch preparing and dish-washing, before heading on out to a home-ed group meet about half an hours drive away.

Just as last week, we arrived at the meeting a little too early so had a stroll around the shops.  We went to The Works and picked up a few new sketch books for the children to take out with them (99p for an A5 size spiral bound sketch book with good quality paper), and to the library to get a few books.  It's been a long time since we have paid a visit to the main library - over 5 years for sure!  I'd forgotten what big libraries have to offer.

It was soon time to take a leisurely stroll up to the home-ed meeting place.  The sun began to peep out from behind the clouds, and any sign of possible rainfall soon disappeared.  The group was busy, and I was introduced to a few new faces which always makes me happy.  Chelsea and Joseph were particularly glad that there were others of their age group (and music and fashion taste!) there today.  Both of them really enjoy going to group stuff, but teenagers attending groups are few and far between and I often feel for them. Today I hardly saw them as they huddled around a picnic table exchanging tales and laughter.

As always, I carried Taisia in her sling.  I so love to do so, holding her close is so special, and she clearly loves it too.  She is at her most content when being carried around, able to see all that is going on from a good height (even though I'm small in stature) instead of from the seat of a pushchair.  As the weather had dried up, I thought Taisia might like a bit of freedom to explore.  

I wasn't wrong.

She set off at great speed, chattering as she went...

It was soon time to say "bye mum!"

As she headed off to join the gang.

So to all those (often complete strangers) who feel they know best and have told me outright that I am "spoiling my baby" and she will never want to be apart from me, and I'll be carrying her around forever - take a look at the pictures.  Does she look like a child who suffers from separation anxiety issues to you?  Does she look scared and lacking in curiosity of the world around her?  I think we are doing just fine :)

We all really enjoyed the meeting today, and fortunately I didn't have a repeat of the migraine experienced last week.  We arrived home just before 5pm, so as I set about preparing the rest of dinner and dealing with the laundry loads, the children went off to do their own things.

Callum went on the laptop (no surprise there then!)

Whilst Tiegan was far more energetic and went on the trampoline (apologies for the poor quality photos, but I had to be quick as she was in motion.)

Tiegan did take a bit of time out for a rest with friends though...

Joseph also went on one of the laptops, this time to do some research...

 Kira begged everyone to just throw the ball for her...

 whilst Chelsea and Taisia had hair accessory experiments going on...

After dinner we had a chat about current interests and if anyone wanted to do any project work or the like.  Here is what we came up with...

The Titanic.
Winston Churchill.

The Victorian Era.
The Plague.
Edgar Allen Poe.

Ancient Egypt.
Great Fire of London.

Ancient Egypt
The Ice Age
Henry VIII

Should be interesting stuff going on in the next few weeks!


  1. Sounds like you've got some fun coming up with those topics! We're currently planning a 1940s week. Some resources came today and we've got outfits, hairdos and makeup sorted, just need a little bit of structure and we're good to go :-)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a wonderfully busy day! :)

  3. Lovely post, lovely photos. Was good to see you all today, glad you had a nice time.x