Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, it's up the Moors we go....

Strangely, after my long posting this morning catching up with the weeks events, we still had time to do *something*.

Why is it, that some days you have what seems like oodles of time?

More often than I care to admit to, I can be using the computer for what seems like half an hour, look at the clock and frighten myself silly when I see more than a few hours have rudely whizzy whizzed on by without so much as a wave.

Today was pleasantly not that kind of day.

We set off in the car, prepared for all weather conditions because it was one of those can't second guess what the weather will be doing in half an hour sort of days.   We had no idea where we were heading.  I just instructed ever so patient and lovely husband to drive - somewhere - anywhere.  We ended up heading for the Moors a different way than we are used to, but still ending up in familiar surroundings which is always reassuring.  We stopped at the visitor centre in Princetown and picked up a book on the Archaeology of Dartmoor, a few leaflets and a Ordnance Survey map.  Time was ticking by at this point and we decided to just keep on driving this time and stop somewhere along the way for a wander, saving our reading materials for the comfort of our home.  Dartmoor makes up it's own rules.  The light can fade without warning and weather conditions can go from wonderful to stormy within minutes - I know, I have experienced it doing so on many occasions.

This time the weather was ok - warm, dry, but a little grey.  It didn't make taking photographs very easy for me as lighting conditions were right slap bang in the middle of light and dark.  Here are a few that I did manage to take though...

The view at Haytor...
A little hazy.

 We walked (huff and puff)...
   Taking a stroll 
 We climbed...
 Callum wandered alone...
   He's off 
 and he had great pleasure rolling Joe's drink bottle down the hill for them to retrieve...
 We slipped over (actually, only Joseph slipped over, about 6 times!) ...
 We rested...
Trying to have a nice serene mother and daughter photo taken.  Taisia had other ideas, playing silly wotsits with her hat :))
A little better :)


Dartmoor rest 
 We spent time alone...
Alone with his thoughts.
 and we proved that we were number one...
Number one
Callum won the race back to the car :)   

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