Friday, September 30, 2011

It's almost the weekend!

This week hasn't been a bad one, we've had lots of love and laughter shared and only a couple of not so pleasant moments.
There are sadly few photos in this post as my camera has been playing up all week and struggling to focus. Today it has seemed a bit better though so I'm hoping that the clever thing is healing itself.
Our Tuesday didn't run at all to plan.  The plan was to go rockpooling for the day with the children.  The reality was washing sick from sofa and floor.  Poor dear Callum.  We don't know what bought it on, and the rest of us seemed to escape whatever it was.  By dinner time Callum was back to his cheeky chappy self again, we were much relieved but a little puzzled.  Instead of visiting the shore, we stayed snuggled indoors watching dinosaur documentaries and reading stories.

Wednesday is usually group day, but this week Chelsea had an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon so we had to give it a miss.  Chelsea spent the morning baking bread and creating a Victoria Sponge cake - both of which were very yummy. The orthodontist appointment went ok, Chelsea's teeth haven't moved so the brace that she wears as she sleeps is doing its job.

Thursday was my favourite day of the week.  We had been invited to visit friends, so first thing in the morning Joseph was scampering up the apple tree to bag up some of its fruit as a gift.  Chelsea baked another cake to take with us, and we headed off just before lunch time.  We had a really lovely time.  After eating cake and drinking far too much tea (always good!) we headed down to the beach.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day weather wise.  The children scampered around rock pools finding lots of hermit crabs and a sand eel.  They had so much fun.  Taisia was also scampering, way too fast as she crawled around exploring.  Guess which stupid person forgot to take the camera?  I could have kicked myself, there would have been some great shots.  At 5pm we all went home full of big smiles and promises to return very soon.

Then came today.  I had a few errands to run this morning, so that took up a bit of time.  When we got home, there was washing to hang out and tidying to be done.  We ate lunch and read stories, then I dyed my hair again.  This time I went for a slightly redder colour and I LOVE IT SO!!! I think it is my absolute favourite shade thus far and one I envisage keeping for a while.

Of course, once a gal has a new "do", she has to show it off right?  So here's a few piccies of the youngest two and myself enjoying the sunshine in the garden...
contented mama
I am such a contented Mama
My beautiful boy!  I just love those eyes and cheeky grin, and of course that hair is to die for!  Taisia just wants to get hold of a big piece of it and pull....
My Superman!

windfall picking
We collected up the windfall apples
and felt the cold grass between our fingers
my baby
We also looked utterly adorable!

We are going to have an absolutely fabulous weekend, and I just know you guys are too!


  1. love the colour! Im trying out a bright red at the moment too, its fab but fading so fast

  2. I love your style and your kids are adorable :) Cute blog!

  3. Love the hair colour, its fab! Ahhh I do so miss dying my hair wonderful colours!

    Hope the coming week is a fabby one, hun.


  4. Love the hair!

    You have a cool style *and* blog theme!

    Ever find the colorlovers website?

  5. Thanks ever so lovely peoples for your kind comments. I'm still in love with my hair colour - definitely the best so far!

    Alternicity - erm, colorlovers website? Please enlighten me, for I fear a past conversation may have been forgotten...

  6. I don't think I've mentioned it before!
    I saw all the lovely colours on your site and thought you might be a colour/pallete enthusiast!
    Here it is:

    Been a while since I hung out there, but it's a social network for people who love colours :)

  7. Hi, Wow you are so brave with your hair. I admire you! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your kids, that is fantastic to see!