Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh so tired...

I do apologies from being AWOL since Tuesday but I've been struggling. Taisia has been the cause of a severe lack of sleep issue and I've been feeling really out of sorts and down about things due to tiredness.  There isn't anything wrong, no great problems or ill health, just really letting things get on top of me due to lack of motivation, energy and enthusiasm.

I had a pretty good nights sleep last night, and my gorgeous husband took Taisia downstairs when she awoke so I could have a lazy lie-in and a luscious shower.  Now feeling good!

So what have we been up to?

Wednesday was our Exeter home-education group.  Thoroughly enjoyed by all of us once more, it's really nice to be back there - many people that attend we have known right from the very start of our HE journey.

The weather remained dry and the children were free to roam around the park.  Great excitement ensued when lots of ladybirds were spotted...

There were dozens of them, all around the edge of the park, in the bushes and on the fence.
Meanwhile, Taisia adored the feel of leaves and dirt...



It amused me to see the reaction of some of the children watching Taisia. There were lots of "Oh, do you think I should stop her?" and "Shall I move her and wash her hands?" It reminded me of how far I have come on this parenting journey malarkey, and just how relaxed I am now. It made me think so much I am going to write a blog post about it to share with you - hopefully within the next few days, Taisia permitting. 

Thursday was a day at home for us, I was feeling rather more than zombie-fied and wanted to do only what was necessary - so the minimum of housework got done, and the children pottered around content with their own company. We watched a couple of documentaries about Egypt together that I had recorded, Chelsea and Tiegan wrote part of a story each, Callum built lego houses and played on various website games including mathematical and spelling ones, whilst Joseph read from a few of our history books, and tidied his room a little more (it's a long drawn out process so it seems). Tiegan spent a lot of the day outside, playing on the trampoline and looking around the garden...

  nature girl


Friday was a good day. I was determined to find the last spoonful of energy and get out of the house. We popped on our wellybobs and headed for Stover Park. We had a great time, and as is often the case I took far too many photographs which I shall now bore you with.

We read poetry...


 Chatted together...


 Played silly wotsits...

carrot stick
Joseph doing the carrot and stick thing to get Chelsea motivated lol.

Titanic scene re-enactment anyone?

I've no idea. Perhaps best not to ask.

 Balanced and climbed...




 Spotted lots of fungi varieties (Tiegan's favourite thing to do)...

  fungi i

fungi j

fungi h

fungi g

fungi f

fungi e

fungi d2

fungi c

fungi b

fungi a 

 The children spotted an egg in the water and decided to take a closer look...


 Callum lay down...



 We loved spotting various sculptures and man-made things...


stover park

bird sculpture


trip trap



 We admired the beauty around us...









 and checked out the water for pond life...
   almost in

pond watching 
 Tiegan was in full model-posing for photographs mode :)





and there was plenty of exploring and role-playing to be done...





Once home we relaxed and read stories, whilst Taisia entertained us with funny faces...

  funny face

raspberry blower 

In other news, I have been doing lots of soul searching recently, not sure what I'm looking for, but feel I need *something*.
My current reading material ...
I can honestly say that I never thought I would return to Bible reading again, but I have just been drawn to it for reasons I am yet to fathom.  I shall update my thinking when I have, well, battled with my thoughts!

Today we are off armed with wet weather gear (just in case, it's stopped raining now) to where I do not know. Moors? Woodland? Nature reserve? Time will tell.


  1. Julia I think when you have had several children and then suddenly you've another one - especially toddler/teething/don't know what to do stage - I think all those years of distrupted sleep cathch up with you. My youngest of four is now 10 and honestly I can't believe how I managed. It's not wishing them older, but one day you'll look back and think 'phew', because what you're doing is amazingly hard work, so cut yourself some slack right now.

  2. Hello love. Sending you some virtual sleep, superfood, vitamins, love and a hug! It will get easier x