Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ooooh, it's been one of *those* days...

Tuesday has been one of those days, one of those nothing goes to plan no matter how I try kinda days.  It has been ok, I'm not complaining, just maybe a little frustrated as I had so many nice ideas like making butter and going for a nature walk.

Instead I cleaned kitchen cupboards and mowed the lawn.


Let's start at the very beginning *singing*...

I dropped husband off at work at 7am this morning and stopped off at the nearby supermarket for a few essentials.  As so often happens, that small list I carried in my hand (it only had four items written on it!) seemed to grow and grow as I wandered around the aisles.  I sorted out dinner for this evening (lamb steaks with jacket potato and peas), and for tomorrow (will be home-made cottage pie, prepared before we go to home-ed group if I'm organised enough in the morning), and remembered the cat food and baby Taisia's essentials.  Then I came to the "Seasonal goods and end of line items" aisle.  Oh boy, I shouldn't have looked.

3 dinner sets and a doll for Tiegan later....

The dinner sets were ultra lovely though, all spotty and dotty, all colourful and very "me".  At only £6.50 per 12 piece set, I'd have been silly refuse wouldn't I? Wouldn't I?!?  Please tell me that the no doubt comical exhibition I performed in store, whilst trying to balance 3 boxes of dinner sets in one of the (already nearly full) smaller trolleys (as I only had four items on my list remember?!) was worth it.  There were more than a few chuckles to be heard as I huffed and puffed and performed balancing tricks a tightrope walker would be proud of.  No-one seemed to want to come to the aid of the strange "lady" (term used very loosely) with shocking pink hair...I don't know why *shrug*.

The shiny new dinner sets and I eventually made it safely to the car, and thus home.  I set about unpacking, and had a brainwave along the lines of may as well rearrange the cupboards whilst I'm replacing the dinner ware.  Silly idea at 8am in the morning, silly idea.

Two hours later...

I am now the proud owner of clean and tidy kitchen cupboards and an aching back.

I checked in with the children and all were amusing themselves watching a documentary about Mount Vesuvius I had recorded for them a few days ago.  I sat with them and rewarded my cleaning efforts with a cuppa and email check.

After the TV watching session, the children drifted off to do their own thing.  Chelsea and Callum took turns on one of the laptops, Joseph tidied his bedroom whilst watching the news, and Tiegan playing with Misty her rabbit.  I changed the bedding.

Lunch ensued and the afternoon was hastily upon us.  What shall we do?  I had fancied a nice walk around the village collecting various bits and pieces for display on our nature table, but lacked the energy and enthusiasm for it after my cleaning spree - as did Callum apparently.  I have a vague idea that I would like to try to update the seasons table monthly, but we shall see if that works or if we just continue with the quarterly update.

We decided to stay at home.

Chelsea read, played around with her make up (she wants to start doing make up tutorials on Youtube), cuddled and played with Taisia, worked on her World War 1 project, and baked a giant cupcake...

Tiegan drew pictures, read a couple of books to Callum, wrote part of a story, brushed her rabbit, jumped on the trampoline, went on the computer, played with a ladybird in the garden and engrossed herself in Harry Potter...

Callum went on the laptop, drew a few pictures on the megasketcher, jumped on the trampoline, rode on his scooter, played with the dog, role played a hundred (it seems) games, and built houses with lego.

Joseph did some more room tidying, laptop stuff, played with Taisia (until she went to sleep on him), helped me with some chores, and made me laugh a dozen times.

Taisia helped me mow the lawn...

One less job for husband to do at the weekend.

Taisia actually went to sleep as I was working on that lawn. The movement and warmth of my body and the constant sound of the lawnmower really seemed to soothe her.

My evening has been spent cuddling Taisia until she decided to allow herself to sleep (10pm tonight, quite an early one for her!) then catching up with emails and of course writing this here blog post.

Joseph has just this minute come downstairs to show me a poem he has written (it's nearly midnight here!).  I wondered why he had asked to borrow my lap tray with the light I use for crafting!

I love our home-ed life where the learning never ends, the lessons aren't controlled by the clock, and the thirst for knowledge is seeming ever in existence.

I'm signing offline now to go and snuggle with Taisia in bed and read the book "Parenting A Free Child:  An Unschooled Life" by Rue Kream - anyone read it?


  1. Haven't read it, but wouldn't mind borrowing it when you've finished it :)))))

  2. Yep sure you can :)