Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Running out of titles...

You know.  I've been doing this whole blogging malarkey for a fair wee while now, and one thing that I have never improved upon is the coming up with a title for the post.  It's ok if I have something half interesting to share with you, I can usually pull out a line from the post and use that as the headline, but if I'm just rambling about our day in a Dear Diary sort of way? I'm lost.

Today dear reader, I'm afraid to say is one of those Dear Diary sort of days.  I've nothing amazing to share with you.  Nothing thought provoking.  Nothing inspiring.  I'm just going to record my day as it happened as that was the original reason for setting up my tent in the corner of this webspace in the first place.  I set it up for myself, as a way of collating together what we did.  I'm blown away by it's popularity, and even more so by the sheer number of emails thanking me for it.  But I'm writing for me and me alone, although friends are always welcome to share.

This morning was rather blissful.  Lee (dear husband) had got the van from work so we were a two vehicle family - just for the day!  It meant I could have a sleep-in and not have to try to drag myself from my pit at 6am.  My utterly gorgeous little florence - aka Taisia - very kindly went along with the plan and didn't stir from her slumber until 7.45am!  We had a much better night together.  I awoke feeling totally reacquainted with my inner eyelids.  Isn't it amazing what a difference a few hours of good sleep makes to your whole wellbeing?

For a short while, it was just Taisia and I downstairs alone.  The house was pretty much silent, bar our little chatterings and giggles.  I managed to do a few of the day to day chores whilst Taisia emptied kitchen cupboards, scattered the contents of the laundry basket out on to the floor, gingerly tested to see if the dog biscuits were edible for human consumption, terrorised a wayward slug, innocently pottered around at my feet.

Soon we were joined by Callum, and a game of peek-a-boo began, giving me the opportunity to clear up the afore mentioned "Taisia woz 'ere" footprints. Do you ever have one of those days when you are just going around in circles, seemingly chasing your tail, moving from one mess to tidy to another only to find the original mess miraculously reappear?  Every day? Oh me too!

The delightful joys of motherhood.

One by one my other blessings joined us downstairs, breakfast was consumed and the day got properly under way.

My offer to give Joseph's room a thorough clean and tidy was refused, with Joseph preferring to tidy it himself - that was him gone for most of the day.  I'm not really sure how much tidying went on. I know lots of listening to YouTube videos went on.  But, you could see a fair bit more of the floor, so *something* had happened.

Chelsea meanwhile started her day slowly :)

She had a bath, she played with her hair, experimented with make-up looks, then returned downstairs to read a bit about Edgar Allen Poe.  Later on she worked through a section of her Maths text book, and read a chapter of the human anatomy book we are working through together.

Tiegan started her day just as any other - looking after Misty her bunny.  I really am so proud of how seriously she takes the responsibility of pet ownership.  Never once has Tiegan had to be prompted to check on her rabbit.  Each morning - usually before her own breakfast - Misty is fed, watered, cuddled, talked to, and his litter tray emptied. On dry days he is placed in the run, on wet days he is bought inside for play.  Once Misty's needs were seen to, Tiegan came inside and built lego houses for her dolls.  Role playing games ensued, with quite elaborate storylines at times.  She also wrote a poem, illustrated it with a painting, and completed a few pages of a maths workbook.

Callum played along with the lego building, read me a few pages from a book of his choice, threw the ball outside for the dog in between rain showers, and went on the laptop.  He is going through an "Angry Birds" phase at the moment since discovering he could play it online.  I'm thankful as it saves my phone battery.

After lunch, Tiegan and I went to the shop, walking on a little farther to drop a book off to a friend first.  On our way back we strolled through the park and went on an acorn hunt.  I want to needlefelt some coloured acorns, placing them within real acorn caps, as a mantelpiece or hall table decoration.  We found a good fair few caps during the short while we were looking, but we continued on our way once the rain started to pour as neither of us had worn waterproofs.

Despite having a better nights sleep, I was flagging by this point.  The lack of sleep build-up was still taking it's toll, so I snuggled with Taisia and we both ended up having a snooze.

In my absence, a chocolate cake was made, downstairs was hoovered, dishes were washed and the kids' piles of clean laundry were put away.  I think I should sleep during the day more often!

We managed to fit in a quick visit to the library before it closed this evening.  I got a few books out to share with Taisia and she seemed to very much approve...

Taisia reading 

 Callum still likes to listen to his mama reading....


 Tiegan also enjoyed reading, so much so that she was colour-coordinated with her book...

  tiegan reading colour coordinated 

I made dinner - something that resembled traditional corn beef hash, but with added red and green peppers, sweetcorn, peas, and beef stock. And we ate the girls' chocolate cake with custard for pudding.

After dinner, we watched the Inside Nature's Giants programme from last week about the Cassowary together, which led to some really interesting discussions. I've recorded tonight's episode about the Thoroughbred Racehorse to watch at a later date. 

and we ended the day on a real high, with cuddles....


Tomorrow? Another group meeting day :)

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