Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A day of whoopsie daisy!!

Our Tuesday has been a good one, it has behaved itself really well and I've very much enjoyed being in it's presence - for the most.

Our morning started nice and relaxed.  The children got on with doing their own thing whilst I did the cleaning and tidying that needed to be done.  My lovely eldest son did help out by washing and drying the breakfast dishes for me, bless him.  Have I mentioned that our dishwasher has broken?  It decided to have a wobbler a while ago and completely went on strike.  I strangely haven't actually missed it, which is surprising as last time we had to live without the luxury of a dishwasher, I found washing everything by hand an horrendous time-waster.  It must be my renewed frame of mind - it's amazing what a happy heart can achieve.

Tiegan has spent much of her time today on the trampoline.  She is making the most of the dry and warmish days knowing that they will more than likely be few and far between as the year comes to a close.  I love watching her just taking the time to enjoy her days. She is my little daydreamer. So quiet and thoughtful, often seen to be pondering with mind ticking over, always questioning and curious. Tiegan often sits in the fresh air and reads a book, listening to the birdsong around her.  Today she told me about two small birds that she sat and talked to, one being a Robin.  Harry (the cat) is often seen sitting with her, even when Tiegan bounces gently on the trampoline he will sit seemingly enjoying being with her. They have a great bond.

Callum has had a laptop day.  He has visited various websites including CBeebies and CBBC.  He really enjoyed a wildlife game where you had to answer questions about various animals in order to progress in climbing to the top of a tree.  Other games have included problem solving and strategy ones.  Callum has also drawn pictures (there is a definite Halloween theme to his artwork at the moment), and played outside for a while - scooter riding and chalk picture making.

Chelsea started the morning lying in bed as she read.  Once up, she spent time on the laptop writing part of a story and a couple of book reviews.  I sat with her to watch a few baking programmes, then Chelsea went off to do a bit of art stuff.

Joseph has read a bit about various historical events, written a couple of poems, played with Taisia lots, helped me to work out our shopping budget, and just generally made a loveable nuisance of himself :))

Taisia has just bought joy to our hearts, with so many smiles and giggles...


 She can certainly brighten even the darkest of days. Taisia has also discovered a love of drawing. So far she has taken pencil to my books, the laminate flooring, and the cupboard door. I thought it might be an idea to provide her with some paper, but this drawing thing is so much more fun...


The children finally got around to attempting to make butter from cream.  I can't begin to describe the issues we've had trying to do this. Think dropped cream cartons, a cream loving cat, and way past sell by dates to name but a few.   Finally I thought today was the day for butter making success.


Things started off smoothly.  Tiegan poured the cream into the jar and added marbles for friction.

easy does it
So far so good.

 Then there was a whole lotta shakin' going on....

  shake shake 

Each of the children took it in turns to give the jar a good ol' shake. I had told them it was a long and laborious process, and to their credit, the children's enthusiasm didn't wane. After roughly 40 minutes or so, Joseph stepped up to take his turn. He shook the jar, up and down, up and down....

  shake it 

 Joe continued to shake the jar as he strolled around the house, into the living room, then.... SMASH!

 Whoopsie, I don't think that is meant to happen...

Whoopsie Daisy - The marble has broken the jar :o/
 BUT, not all was lost. Joseph did learn how to clear up the carpet for the first time in his young life....


Always learning, always learning! 

It's a shame we had to stop when we did as we were well on the way to making butter....

  almost butter

Maybe we shall try again another day *sigh*

I made a chocolate cake in the afternoon, so the house was filled with a yummy aroma.  I had wanted to make jam tarts and mince pies but I didn't have the butter!   I was waiting in for my parents to pop by so couldn't go to the shop meaning baking is on hold for a wee while.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Exeter home-ed group.  That's if the car gets us there in one piece!  The silly thing keeps cutting out the engine when we slow down or stop.  We think we know the reason why, it's happened three times before, and in the past has righted itself within a few days - fingers crossed this time is the same.  Trying to get to Occombe Farm and back home again was not much fun yesterday, I think the engine cut out roughly 7 times in all.  Today when heading out to Sainsbury's in the dark it happened about 5 times. 

Please dear darling car, try to pull your socks up and sort yourself out.  I need you!!!  

I've got to travel to Exeter three days in a row *sigh*

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