Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...


It was a little bit frightening.


I am very happy to announce *drum roll please*, that today was a good day.

We got past a slightly sticky start when we were almost late to a cinema viewing of "Kung Fu Panda 2". We had arranged the free trip via Film Education. The upside was it was free. The downside was the screening started at 10am. Eeeek! How am I supposed to get 2 teenagers, a bed loving 6 year old, and a 11 month old baby who isn't sleeping at night but enjoying long morning lie-ins - up, fed, dressed and out the door in plenty of time to get into the city? (I have omitted dear Tiegan from that equation due to the fact Tiegan will readily jump out of bed no matter what time she is asked, so it would be unfair to group her with the lazy bones bunch *grin*).

I like to get to the cinema early for these "school" events. It saves having to walk with my kids past lots of gawping school children, with all the "Who are they? Why are they not at school?" whisperings. It's bad enough sometimes sitting watching the film knowing the school kids are finding looking at you far more entertaining than the film, I don't feel the need to add to their level of entertainment.

Anyway, we (rather amazingly) left the house at 8.30am, giving us plenty of time to drive to the city, park, and buy munchies.


There had been a car accident en route, and the traffic hold up was gigantic. It did mean that I could pull into the petrol station along the way and fill up with ease, buy some goodies to eat during the film, and pull back onto the dual carriageway only 3 cars behind the one I had left. That's how slow the traffic was moving!

We pulled up in the car park at 9.50am after a frustrating (and at times clock-watchingly stressful) journey, but fortunately the cinema is only a two minute walk away so we still made it on time.

The film was excellent. I hadn't noticed when I'd booked that it was the 3D version, so we got given "nerdy" glasses to wear. The 3D effects were awesome! What's more, there were no schools present! Home-educators had the whole viewing to ourselves, it was great! There were only 4 families in attendance so we could stretch out and I didn't have to bother too much about young Taz being overly disruptive with her chatter of "What's dat!" as she pointed to all the creatures.

Fab, fab, and in celebration of just how relaxed we felt, fab!

We headed home straight afterwards as my parents were due to visit. We managed to get the house all ship shape and tidied up, and were playing with hama bead sets sent from Craft Merrily for us to review. Callum loves the dinosaur one, and Tiegan the floral and butterflies set (which has glow in the dark beads, apparently making the kit ultra cool don't ya know). I did take some photos (now there's a surprise eh?), of the beading and of Taz being entertained by my parents but - and here lies a tale of great woe and sadness - my oh so beautiful "baby" also known as fabulously fantastic camera has died and I am unable to get the pictures from the memory card as it is too big for our other cameras!

*Sob Sob and throw a toddler wobbler fall on the floor tantrum style SOB*

I shall write a "proper" review of the kits when we get a new camera so I can take photos of the makes, if I have my way, it won't be long!

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