Friday, October 14, 2011


Friday started with another rush to get up and out for a Film Education cinema viewing, just as yesterday.  Having cut things a little bit fine time-wise, and not sure of just exactly how much traffic was "normal" for that time in the morning, I decided to play it safe and leave the house 15 minutes earlier.  Well, in reality we managed leave the house 3 minutes earlier than yesterday, but hey the plan was a good one right?

We actually had lots of time to laugh about our eagerness today.  We got to Exeter a full hour early this time, given that there hadn't been an accident and there was surprisingly little traffic on the road for peak-time.  We had time to amble along slowly, visit a few shops, and buy goodies to eat :)

The film we had booked for this time was "The Smurfs"  It will come as no surprise that it was light hearted and fun, and I loved it!  I giggled along like a child, and Taisia was transfixed for much of the screening - murmurs of "What's dat!" echoed around the room as her little finger pointed to the many strange blue things in front of her eyes.

Once again we were extremely fortunate to have the cinema as a home-educators only zone.  This time 7 families were present and I could once again relax that Taz wouldn't cause too much disruption with her coos and awws.

Bless her she loved it.

We headed home again straight afterwards and took Kira for a walk around the village.  We then had a lovely afternoon of game playing, lego building and TV watching - really nice and relaxed.

A brand spanking new camera also seemed to jump into an online shopping basket - whoops!

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