Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Saturday, no school today so whatcha gonna do...

Saturday morning was spent desperately awaiting the arrival of a delivery van.  I checked the tracking website a dozen times and it assured me that my precious parcel (new camera for those that missed yesterday's posting) was on its way.  I received a text saying that it would be with me between 12 noon and 3pm, so that gave me a few unexpected hours in the morning to play with.

Lee (husband) and I, armed with a few of the children, popped out to Torquay in the morning to pick up a few things - including a bed guard for my side of the bed.  Not for me you may be surprised to read, but for Taz.  We co-sleep with Taisia, but she doesn't sleep in the middle of bed due to the exceptionally hot body heat my husband exudes.  Instead she sleeps by my side.  We did have a cot running alongside our bed meaning that she couldn't fall out of bed, but as Taisia detests the idea of the cot (who can blame her!) and because it takes up so much space in our room, we have chosen to dismantle it and put it away :)  A bed guard seemed the safest option to stop little lady tumbling, I'll let you know if it works or if it just becomes another climbing frame.

We stopped off to pick up a takeaway for lunch on the way home, and then more anxious waiting and peering through windows ensued.

It arrived just after 2pm.

I am now the proud owner of this (not so little) beauty...

I left camera battery charging and my gorgeously generous husband listening to his beloved Stockport County, and headed out on a hunt for a non-black (that bit is very important) camera bag.  Along with Taisia and Tiegan, I ended up at Trago Mills.  We strolled around the grounds -  spotting peacocks and ducks, talking to parrots, and stroking ponies and goats.  We really should visit Trago more often.  Not for the shopping "experience", but just to enjoy what they have on offer.  With a penny arcade, adventure playgrounds, various rides, and animals to see, you can easily while away an hour or two.  Much of it is free too - always a bonus.

I found a camera bag that will do for now (will need something bigger when I get more "kit"), popped into the supermarket for yummy goodies, and then headed home to share said goodies with the hoards.  I didn't get chance to play with my new toy as Taisia was being exceptionally needy, so frustratingly had to sit and admire it from afar with the occasional glance at the manual.

Tomorrow we shall be heading for the hills to try it out - please weather, do play nicely.

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