Monday, October 03, 2011

On to happier things.

Really needed to quickly write a more perkier posting than the one previously, so thought I would share our Monday with you :)

Monday is our local home-ed group day, as regular readers to the blog will know.  This week we headed off to Teignmouth, to visit the playpark and beach.  Oh how lucky we were with the weather - brilliant sunshine!  Before we met up with the group, we headed to our friend's house to deliver a little gift.  It was so lovely having a mini-natter catch up with someone I haven't seen in far too long.

We headed to Teignmouth seafront and met up with familiar faces.  I'm loving taking my little bubba around and about and watching her explore everything and learning about her world.  She decided that today she wanted to be "one of the girls"...

with the gang 

She also decided that she loves sand. Apparently it feels so good in your hand, and as it falls between your fingers it makes you giggle. Surprisingly, it tastes oh so good too! I lost count of the amount of times I had to empty sand from her mouth today *shudder*

 Taisia was fascinated by the wet stuff...
 and really wanted to join in to see what all the fuss and frolicking fun was about...
  She's off!  Taisia wanting to be part of the gang. 
 Meanwhile, Chelsea seemed happy to be alive...
  seaside fun with friends. 
 Whilst Joseph appeared to be trying out for Baywatch...
 and Callum showed off the fact that he had enjoyed his hot chocolate...
  chocolate chops 
We came home after having a fabulous day, the kids all buzzing with happiness and joy - just as I like it :)  Tiegan was beaming as she talked about her day and making new "friends".


I didn't feel particularly well (think it was a tiredness headache creeping in), but I couldn't help but smile as this little lady coming to see if I was ok...


We had a delicious dinner of home-made pizzas (I make a scone-like base as it's quicker than dough), finished off with sweeties from the shop and a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

Another day done and dusted - roll on Tuesday :)

**If you see a picture of your child on this blog and would prefer me to take it off, please do ask.  I do try to make sure that the children are not easily recognisable, but if you are unhappy just let me know**


  1. Looks like the family had fun. I love the pictures too. Tiegan is especially photogenic.

  2. recipe for the pizza dough? :))