Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sling Recommendations Needed Please...

I am in desperate need of a woven wrap sling to carry my not so little any more bubba around.  She's now 11 months and I'm finding the front carry a little heavy.  I don't want to start resorting to constant pram pushing as she loves being with her mama (her face beams when she see's me putting the sling on and she puts her hands high in the air awaiting to be picked up *heart*).  I would love to start back carrying, but there is too much stretch for safety in my (beloved) Kari-Me and Moby slings.

I'd love something bright and colourful to cheer me up through winter, 'cos that's the kinda gal I am.

So hit me with it - what do you recommend I buy?

**Cheeky Note to Sling Sellers**

If you would love to donate a delightful woven wrap for me to try out and review on this 'ere blog, I would be more than happy to do so - although I will point out I'd be honest with my opinions.  I won't just play nicely 'cos it's a freebie :)


  1. Girasol rainbow! :) I have Old Rainbow, and it's my favourite.

    Otherwise, may I throw a wild card into the mix and recommend Funkyslings toddler mei tai? They're comfy and easy and gorgeously colourful.

  2. What about an Ergo? Mine was and is invaluable, great for back carries and easy to put on and super supportive.

    San x

  3. I'd pick a Didymos indio or an ellevile zara - both have seen me well into the toddler years - I like them because they're quite thin/light by comparison with some others, but still have that diagonal weave & are good and supportive for heavier lumps/children :)

  4. Hi Jules!
    I didnt' use a woven wrap as those were not readily available 10-13 years ago when I needed one. :)
    I did however have a 'hamock style' of sling and when the boys got bigger they could sit kangaroo style in the front or I could use it to hip carry them with support. I know the hip carry usually meant I had one hand around them but it was still easier than without support.
    I also went to Africa when I was preggy with McGee. They taught me how to back carry as they were horrified that I was pregnant and didn't know how to tie a baby on my back!! LOL! They 'borrowed' a baby from someone and proceeded to teach me how to tie it on my back with a piece of fabric a bit like a sarong. It was easy and they loved being on my back, especially when I was cooking and it was too dangerous to have them on the front. This is another option.
    Hope you find something that works - especially if you can get a freebie!! :)

  5. hi I have an ellaroo woven sling for my gorgeous boy and have used it since he was 9 months and he is still happy at 18months.

    Mine is a very bright colour (can't remember which one but came from littlepossums.co.uk ).

    After the 1 yr mark I alternate between hip carry and back carry and he loves both!

    Hope that this helps a bit!

  6. just had a peep mine is an ellaroo la Rae whicj is much brighter and funkier than it looks on their fabric swatch photo.

  7. http://crunchyfootsteps.tripod.com/slingmake.html I know you are quite a crafty gal, I've been reading your blog for some time now.... and this seems appropriate for what you want :) hope I helped and you find what you're looking for x

  8. oh so many to go at hun, id have to say my faves are didy, but storch, hop and girasol are all fab, is there a sling meet near best thing is to go try a few before parting with pennies :-) xx

  9. recommend wilkinet - i had one and it is washable, front or back and quite sturdy x x

  10. Hi,

    Been a silent reader on here for a long time. I made my own sling out of stretchy material and used this site as my babies grew. Hope it helps.


    Aliyah x

  11. Have you tried the BabyHawk Mei Tai Carrier? Love. Love. Love. No snaps but with less give than a moby.

  12. Have you tried a BabyHawk Mei Tai carrier? Love. Love. Love. No snaps, but with less give than a moby.

  13. How about an Ellaroo mei tai? Mine is quite bright (can't remember the fabric but there are pics on my blog). Or a connecta? That's also on my blog-great big, deep seat, but some people find the straps strange after being used to the wide rails of a stretchy :)

  14. Just realised you want a woven. Ooops!xx