Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, hello!

Here I am, dusting away the cobwebs after yet another week has passed since my last visit.  I've searched high and low for time.  I just can't get a hold of any extra anywhere, and have gotten quite frightened by just how quickly it whizzes by without me noticing.  I must try to hold on tighter to it and stop losing it through the holes in my pockets, I'm sure that is the only way time can be escaping - that and maybe down the plug hole as I'm washing the dishes.

Can you believe that my little bubba is almost a one year old fledgeling already?  I sure can't.  Scary, oh so scary.  When I was a wee slip of a gal, I clearly remember Christmas being celebrated.   I then remember just how long afterwards it seemed that my birthday celebration would be (August).  Following this, Christmas seemed like an eternity away.  A whole year, from Christmas to Christmas was too long to wait!   The months appeared to drag on by and

So what has the past week had in store for us?

On Wednesday we headed out to Exeter to the home-ed group.  The novelty still hasn't worn off for young Callum, who relishes his time at the park with new(ish) found friends.  I spent much of the time this week talking to people new to the group, AND and AND guess what?  There was an awesomely fabulous lady at the group who showed me how to crochet!!!   Just how long have I been wanting to learn how to crochet?  How many times dear readers have you read my frustration and determination.  I had challenged myself at the beginning of the year, that by the end of 2011 I would know how to crochet, and wow, thanks to that crocheting angel, I've almost succeeded!  You can imagine my joy and thankfulness.

There was a little lady that was also thrilled to be at the group once again....

Taisia went on an entertainment spree and performed all her "tricks" to get attention.  Thumbs up, tongue out, fake laughing and coughing, babbling on and on, she did it all.  And it worked, she was much loved and cooed over.

Taisia has a firm independent streak developing and is ready to get on out there and explore her world.  I *love* that.  I find joy in the way Taisia is secure in the knowledge that I am there if she needs me, but she is happy to go it alone and experience her surroundings.  Sometimes she will head off to find "the gang", at other times she will scamper away from people and be completely alone, she knows she has the choice and is happy to take us or leave us as it suits.  She is always wanting a cuddle when we are reunited though, usually accompanied by a pat on the back or three.

Thursday was a stay at home day.  Chelsea (that absolutely fabulous eldest daughter of mine) spent almost the entire day baking.  She made bread rolls...

Chelsea's breadmaking
Awaiting the baking process.
 Along with an apple pie, a tear and share cheese and onion loaf, and rather scrumptiously delicious cookies. 


Tiegan went along to Brownies in the evening, which she enjoyed immensely as always, and our day was done. I was hugely relieved that the day was done actually. I had struggled. I had felt sad and harassed (for no reason), a little lethargic and under the weather, as if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders (which I didn't). It was just a down dark want it to be over soonest day.

Friday was immediately brighter, as it was the day my parents were due to fly over to England from Spain. There was great excitement in the household as you can imagine - it's been almost a year since we last saw my mum and dad. The morning went in perfect almost Stepford-like fashion. I cleaned and tidied all that I had planned to, hoping to live up to the oh as high as the sky standards and expectations. I needed to head into Torquay to run a few errands, but was pleased with myself when they were completed and I was sat on my sofa with cuppa in hand within the allotted time I had set for myself.

You just know this blissful happiness is not going to last for long right?

Everything went well and truly tits up.

Firstly, I flicked through the delivered post and realised that the concert tickets for Chelsea and Joseph hadn't arrived. Oh not to worry they will arrive soon. Erm, actually it's time to fret just a little bit - the tickets were needed for that night.   I scrambled through piles of paperwork trying to find the booking confirmation details, but failed miserably to find anything remotely connected. I switched on the computer for the first time that day to search for the booking office contact info, and whilst waiting for pages to load came across an email from a friend needing an immediate response. Coupled with 4 frantic phone calls from my brother who needed to speak to my parents urgently, and well, my blood pressure at this point was rising ever so slightly.

A hastily written but heartfelt email reply got sent to friend and a phone call to the booking office was made. I made numerous attempts to phone my dad via a mobile number that appeared to be disconnected on behalf of my brother, but had to admit defeat and hope that my dad would be in touch with me soon as said brother was heading off to Spain to take their place (house swapping at it's best!)

Slowly the situation(s) got resolved,and all was fine again with the world until Chelsea read something on one of the concert booking office websites that threw doubt upon whether Joseph would be able to get in to the venue. Another moment of ARGH!!!  But I decided nothing could be done at that moment and it was best dealt with at the venue.

At 5pm my parents arrived and many hugs were enjoyed. They stayed for a lovely hour of catch up natter, then I had to head out to the Lemon Grove in Exeter to take the eldest two to the concert.

Picture the scene.

It's 6pm and the light is beginning to fade.  Around 1,000 fans of the band "Black Veil Brides" are awaiting outside the venue.  White faces with black make-up are in abundance, along with black head to toe clothing, and the seeming obligatory long black hair.

I (little ol' me) had to stand in that queue for over an hour wearing a cream long jumper, cream knee high socks with a pretty bow on the side, and purple cute mary-jane shoes.

You can stop laughing now.

You can just imagine, that at my age, in this outfit, along with my bright coloured wow look at me hair, I well and truly stood out like an Ostrich in a Guinea Pig pen.

But, it has to be said, after my initial *oh please I'll do anything for the ground to swallow me right now* moment, it was actually ok.   Everyone was friendly, in a fabulous excited and joyous mood, with no judgements (to my knowledge) being made about the person that clearly shouldn't really be there, aka moi . Half an hour later than stated, the doors opened and little by little the crowd flooded in. I had to confirm a few details about my payment card before Chelsea and Joe could go inside, but once done, off they went.

Oh be still my fast beating *they are too young, they are still my babies!* heart.

Chelsea and Joseph had an absolutely amazing time and I am so glad that I trusted my instincts and let them go.  They met up with friends once inside and came out at 11pm absolutely bursting with stories to share.  It was so special to hear the enthusiasm in their voices.

It was of no surprise that their Saturday started much later than usual - they had to recover.

Much of our weekend was spent at home.  We did meet with my parents in Torquay and had a lovely relaxed coffee and chat in one of the cafes and peruse around the shops.  On our way home we popped into B&Q and bought a "Bird Feeding Station" so we know our little visiting feathered friends will be well looked after over the Winter months.  We have popped the food outside our lounge window so hopefully we shall have a good bird spotting point to witness the visitors.  If I clean the windows well enough I may be able to get a good few photographs.  The feeding station is currently stocked with fat balls, peanuts, various seeds and water.

Sunday was a stay home and sort through rubbish sort of day, not fun, but something that had to be done.

Then we come on to yesterday. Our Monday.  Once again it was group day for the Teignbridge and Torbay home-education group.  This week we met up at Occombe Farm.  There were three new families at the meeting and it was lovely getting to know them all.  We sat and watched the children explore the play equipment for a while, then headed off for a walk around the farm.  We visited the "Garden for Victory" area...


war time farming


info centre

The Bunker (I got shut in here and the children wouldn't let me out until "we hear the sirens!")
 We saw these beautiful flowers - which were welcome on such a grey and dull (but dry!!) day.



 We walked with friends in beautiful surroundings...


 We ooohed and ahhed over baby cows...

 and we smiled - a lot!

We came home and the children went off to do various things. Chelsea helped me cook dinner and then did some reading. Joseph went on the laptop, whilst Tiegan bounced like a mad 'un on the trampoline with Callum. Then this little visitor was discovered in the garden...

  Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar


 It was a quick google search to discover what type of caterpillar the little fella was...

researching caterpillars
Just to add, Chelsea isn't ill in this picture, she is wearing white foundation.
So there you go, all up to date and caught up with the news. Today we are baking. Jam tarts have been requested, I wonder if it's too early to start on the Mince Pies....


  1. Never too early for Christmas baking in my humble opinion lol x

  2. Hello,
    Just wanted to check you got my reply about picking a product and sending me your address?

  3. holy moley, you get about dontcha?! Anyhoo, think it was more of a crochet 'reminder' for you rather than a lesson! Check out these blogs for crochet inspiration: http://attic24.typepad.com/ , http://meme-rose.blogspot.com/ luverly.
    see you Wednesday!