Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What happens when your day doesn't go to plan?

It's been one of those days.

Not a bad day, but a day when all those beautifully laid out plans that were made first thing, all turned into a dark and twisted pear shaped mess.

On the Classroom Free Facebook page this morning I happily chirped away about what we were going to get up to today.  After chatting with the children, exploring, hama-beading, and baking appeared on the agenda and we happily anticipated what the day had in store.

For our exploration, we headed to Cockington.  I had downloaded their "Murder Mystery" trail, and we headed to the starting point of the big house.  The weather was once again warm and dry, and the house looked fabulous in all it's country manor grandeur.

Cockington Manor House

The trail was quite interesting, with clues to follow and items to search for.  Chelsea likened it to a game of Cluedo - with its suspect hunting and murder weapon choosing.

After leaving the Manor House, we headed to the gorgeous church where we had three clues to find answers for inside.

Inside Cockington Church

It was then time for a walk through the country park, admiring the beautiful colour changing trees and exploring sculptures along the route.

We love trees

The wanderers

We headed down the path towards to the Gamekeepers cottage.

Where will it lead

And walked around the lakes, all the time hunting for the answers to clues.

We heard the clip clopping of horses hooves and paused to watched this motley crew ride past us in their carriage...

Carriage Ride
Hello fellow home-edders!

Did I tell you that the weather was pretty darn glorious?  It was so lovely to be out in the fresh air, listening to the bird song, watching children at play, and witnessing nature's beauty...


The trail took us back around to the main drive again, and into the quaint chocolate box village.  We had three clues to answer in the village itself, then headed through the gardens towards the Drum Inn.

The Drum Inn, Cockington

Then the walk led us to the Cricket Pavilion where we rested a little, and on to the Stable Yard workshops, before taking us to the organic garden where we enjoyed viewing the bee hives and wildlife around the pond.

We then headed to a part of the estate we have never been to before - the new Arts and Crafts centre.  Sadly most of the shops were closed today, but this gives you an idea of the space...

Cockington Arts and Crafts

There is a real contradiction between the old and new.

We enjoyed looking through the windows and drooling (cleanly) at the goodies on view.  One shop that particularly stood out as being "My kinda thing" was the Kick up the Arts store, full of deliciously painted goodness such as this dining table and chairs (apologies for the through the window reflection).

A Kick up the Arts - at Cockington

Love it!

We walked up to the children's play area where we stayed for a little while, before heading back to the starting point via the Rose Garden.  So pretty, even at this time of year when it appears rose-less.

Then it started.

The pain.

My head started to throb and my stomach started to churn.  

I was relieved that we were already heading back to the car as I figured we should leave for home asap.

The drive was easy (apart from the silly people driving the wrong way down a one way country lane!), and we were soon home.

I headed upstairs to take the baby sling off and ended up flaking out on the bed with the room spinning within my head.  

I went to sleep.

2 hours later I groggily awoke, but my head was pounding furiously and the thought of trying to get up almost made me weep.  I get a lot of headaches / migraines, and can usually just soldier on when necessary as us mums have to when we have children to care for.  But just occasionally I feel so very very bad that I find it difficult to even focus, difficult to even comprehend my surroundings, difficult to even put one foot in front of another.  Today was one of those times - BUT fortunately it was relatively short-lived.

My brother phoned.  Actually, he phoned many times.  My brother has his house up for sale, and he had someone wanting to come to view it this evening but he and his girlfriend had other arrangements.  I agreed to drive over to show the viewers around whilst they were out. **Note** If anyone is looking for a gorgeous house, well maintained with wooden flooring (not laminate), top of the range shower and jacuzzi bath, with plenty of off road parking - it's worth a look.  Torquay is a fabulous place for home-edding, with lots of us around the area!

Of course, all this meant we have missed out on the hama-beading and baking today.  Chelsea decided against kitchen work and instead chose art work, creating this eyecatching piece for her art journal ....


The children then went on a fun website called Sketch Swap.  The idea is you create a sketch on screen, then click the button to send it to another user.  In return you get a sketch develop on screen from someone else.  Some of the artwork is amazing, and it's really fun and interesting to see what is created. This is one that we sent...


I'm not going to make any plans for tomorrow.  

We MIGHT go to the home-ed group in Exeter.  We MIGHT make cottage pie for dinner.  I MAY make a yummy trifle like pudding for dessert, and we MAY just have a bloomin' good time.

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  1. Greetings from across the pond! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now, and I always enjoy your posts. I hope you are feeling better after your headache/migraine. We have several migraine sufferers here in our household...of the rather debilitating type (numbness, nausea, disorientation, etc.), so I feel for you.

    It sounds like you had a fantastic day, even though you didn't get to ALL your plans. :) I like how you meet with the kids each day to see what your plans are going to be. I think I will start doing that. Right now we're kind of just floating about. :\