Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yay! We have pictures again!

Please don't groan.

I LOVE sharing my world with you!

Today was the day when I could pack camera into bag and head for the hills.  I was a little unsure as to just how much photo taking I would be able to squeeze into the day as the weather looked dull and a little threatening.  Luckily though we escaped showers and I was able to click away to my hearts content for much of the day (and eat ice-cream, that was a good bit too!)

We didn't really have an idea of where we were heading to, our only thought was perhaps somewhere on glorious Dartmoor.  We drove around for what seemed like hours, and ended up making our first stop at Roadford Lake near Okehampton. Wow, what a beautiful place. It was new to us, I'd never even heard of it before, so we were keen to get out of the car and explore.
At times the sun was shining...
   Roadford Lake 
 whilst at others the weather appeared dull...
   Roadford Lake 2 
We were fortunate in that it stayed dry and was very warm, so we felt free to just amble along at our steady pace. Callum was in high spirits today, and after Lee (husband and father) told him that some trees will drop fruit if you shake them hard enough, he proceeded to wander around the lake giving many of the trees a good shiver and a shake...
   tree shaking

Shaking trees 
It did give us a little chuckle as Callum was hoping to harvest fruits such as melons, pineapples, pomegranates, and dragon fruit. All he appeared to harvest was acorns. Bless him. It kept him entertained though, and he was ever so gentle. Roadford was a glorious setting.
There were many paths to follow...
   So green 
 a huge lake to amble around...
   Roadford Lake 
 and forest walks to explore. As a family we had to make lots of decisions about which way to go...
   Decisions Decisions 
 Callum often thought he knew best...

He's off 
I love the fact that he is able to have so much freedom.

The whole day had a nice relaxed feeling to it, a really lovely family day...

Tiegan did the all important posing for photographs, as per usual :)
   Sitting and grinning

Whilst Taisia seemed to enjoy her day outside too...
After a couple of hours strolling, we decided enough was enough and moved on. We drove around Dartmoor for a while, smiling as we witnessed various animal antics along the way - ponies trying to get into car boots, sheep burrowed deep into holes as they rested at the roadside, calves sheltering under the bellies of their huge mamas feeling safe, along with birds of prey amazing us with their beauty.

Callum meanwhile was in a cheeky chappy mood...
   Cheeky one 
En route we happened to come across an ice-cream van, so we parked the car and ate nice things.
   Ice Cream Yum 
 Callum decided it was warm enough to abandon his coat (it was), and explore...
   Autumn Sun

The view was amazing (as is usual on the Moors)...
and Callum was still being the ever loveable cheeky chappy...

Funny Face 
All in all, it was an utterly fabulous family day (only barred slightly in places by teenagers bickering!!)

**Note **  Dear Photographs, it is so nice to have you back on my bloggy blog again :))

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