Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mammoth Catch Up...

Gee Whizz, I've been AWOL for a long time huh?  Things have been really hectic here, most of it a good hectic, but we had a weeks worth of yuckiness of the head down the toilet variety.  Not at all nice.  I shall try to   remember much of what we have done since my last posting.

We had 3 weeks of my parents visiting England from their home in Spain.  We spent a lot of time together, shopping and eating meals out.  Obviously this limited my computer time somewhat and is a big reason for my absence.  One of the places we visited was the Riverside Inn at Bovey Tracey.  Despite my previous glowing report, after our meal out experience this time I really don't recommend that place to anyone.  A total and utter disrespect for their customers, the food was terrible, the "room" we were put in was awful, and I was highly embarrassed to have sung it's praises to my parents.  Oh well, we live and learn.

Can you believe that the little lady of the house is already a one year old?!  She had her first birthday on October 31st, which of course is Halloween here in the UK.  We had planned on heading over to the Donkey Sanctuary for the day as a family, but instead sickness hit the household (well, Callum initially), and we stayed at home instead.  Not that Taisia seemed to mind, she certainly looked happy enough...

Cutie witchy 

 The rest of the gang looked pretty awesome...


 Ignore the paint patches on the wall, we are in the process of choosing colours :) The rest of the week was an almighty blur. We were all hit by illness and it is a week I'd rather forget. We had to cancel all of our plans and recuperate at home. By Friday we were feeling much better and in need of getting out of the house, cabin fever was well and truly taking hold. We had planned on going to Bridgwater Carnival, and Lee had already booked the day off work, so we decided to stick with the plan and head on over to Somerset - armed with a bucket in the car just in case! I'm so glad we went. As usual the carnival floats were AMAZING. Totally breathtaking. If you have never been before, I highly recommend that you try to make it one year. I'll share some photos with you to give a snippet of what it is like, but they really don't do any justice. Imagine HUGE lorries, covered from top to bottom with hundreds of lightbulbs, with parts moving and spinning, music blaring, people dancing and singing - you get the idea?

  Haunted Mansion Front

bridgwater Carnival Haunted Mansion

bridgwater Carnival Griffers

Bridgwater Carnival Boo

Carnival Boo

Bridgwater Carnival Mississippi Queen

Jungle Drums

Bridgwater Carnvial Lost Warriors 

 There are also majorette displays, and walking carnival entries such as these...

  Walking Entry

Bridgwater Carnival Walking Entry 

 We left the procession and headed for home just before it finished at 11pm. Imagine our horror to hear on the radio news that there had been a horrific accident on the M5 motorway. Of course we were more concerned with the people involved, but it did take some route changing to find our way home. We were witness to the flashing blue lights of the emergency services, and it turned our stomachs thinking of what was going on so nearby to where we were. What didn't get conveyed through the media was the sheer volume of traffic leaving the carnival - literally tens of thousands of people attend. The police and fire brigade also had to deal with a bridge collapse and a landslide. All of the emergency services should be highly praised for their ability to cope with all that was going on, I really don't think they have been given full credit for how they dealt with everything.

 Our weekend was spent recovering, other than popping over to Teignmouth to view the fireworks display on Saturday evening. Monday was home-ed group day. We went to Cockington on a fungi hunt. We found a few nice samples, including these...

  Red Fungi

Fungi Spotting


Tuesday was shopping day, we stocked up on a few Art Supplies as well as the obvious food ones.

 Wednesday was Exeter group day. Sadly the rain joined us but as the group as the use of an indoor space it didn't really matter. The children made playdough and did good ol' fashioned gluing and sticking, as well as making a den from a parachute covering a table. I took my girls over to the Scrapstore and bought lots of bits and pieces for our mixed media art attempts.

 Today Tiegan is going to a birthday party - bowling and pizza - and I'm taking the others to visit friends to talk about arts and crafts.  Tiegan has then got Brownies to go to, where they will be talking about her first every camp :)


  1. Is the donkey sanctuary the one near Sidmouth? We went there in the summer!


  2. Glad to have you back in tip~top health.

  3. It was great to see you all again on Wednesday. The carnival looked amazing - very Disney! see you soon. x

  4. Oh wow, one year already? She is looking gorgeous. Lovely photo's.

  5. glad you are all recovered, sounds like a really horrid bug. And that crash on the M5 was just tragic. So awful - feel for the people at the rugby club too who organised the fireworks display, imagine being responsible for that.
    Sounds like T had a great day - I can hardly believe she is one already. A started asking me all about her the other day - she still remembers that day we met you at Dawlish and said how much she enjoyed it!