Monday, November 28, 2011

Oooh, it's all going on!

I am now the very proud mother of a beautiful 16 year old. I can't believe how time has flown by and I have so many memories of holding my very first bundle of joy in my arms and watching her explore the world around her. In keeping with recent traditions, I made a cake. Now, can I just loudly point out that I am no professional cake baker. In fact, I'm not even a hobbyist cake baker. I rarely decorate cakes, although I have been known to enjoy mixing up a batch of buttercream and playing with the piping bag and nozzles. Read into that as you will. This year the chosen by daughter theme was Alice in Wonderland. I had lots of ideas, but putting them into practice was a learning curve in itself. But, I did love the finished result. Shame the photographs don't seem to do it justice, but then I would say that huh.

  Alice in Wonderland cake16th birthday cake 

I have been reassured by 16 year old big person that it was wonderful and that she had a great day. A big thanks to everyone at the Exeter group for being so bloomin' lovely to her on her special day :)

Moving along...

Following on from my last "I don't do Christmas" whingy whine, I've got some news.

I soooooo DO do Christmas.

Dear Janice over at Childhood, uninterrupted will be so proud of me! Before anyone pounces on me and slaps me hard with a wet kipper, I am fully aware it is only November.  I know that people across the nation will groan upon hearing that already we have made a start on our decorations.  Our tree is up and we are in full make for Christmas overdrive.   It is the right thing for our household, and I am loving it :)

We have new lights for the window this year, they are blue and beautiful. I took this picture just after the tree was decorated (ie. before Taisia set to work re-decorating). I love the blue tinge from the lights.

  Loving the blue tint from the lights. 

 Taisia loved all the new to her things appearing from boxes, including the singing snow globe snowman. For those I am friends with on Facebook, that's the very same snowman she is dancing to in the video I posted, the novelty is yet to wear off.

  poltergeist activity? *grin* 

 Obviously Sock Monkey's like Christmas too!

 I've been busily making decorations for various areas of the house. The first thing to be made was a heart garland for the hall...

  Heart Garland 

 The light in the hallway is terrible for photos, but I hope you get a vague idea.

 We've made a start on decorating the fireplace...

  fireplacechristmas fireplace 

 Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without handmade paper chains! The fireplace decor will keep evolving over time, as these pictures already show.

Here I've added part of a nativity set I'm needle felting, and I want to add paper stockings and a banner.

  nativity set 

 I've been trying to make our "Advent Calender" but Taisia is making it's completion very difficult. She has been awake until midnight, even 2am a couple of times, too late for me to start crafting. The calender idea will be a wicker basket filled with little parcels. Each parcel will have a number tag attached and contain a sweet for each child, along with an activity for the day. The activity ideas include going to Bath Christmas Market, watching festive films, doing our Secret Santa, making a decoration for the tree - you get the idea. If anyone wants the full list of our activity plans, do ask and I'll post them up :) Hopefully I will be able to complete the packages tonight, and I will post pictures once the basket has been decorated to my perfectionist liking.

I also want to make a paper star wreath for the back door (inside) and more heart garlands, along with a zillion other things it seems. I've challenged myself to make a stocking for each child too, although the temptation of seeing half decent decorated ones in the stores for a fiver is proving a task in itself to resist.

In other Pollard news, the teens have started going to a new Youth Club, so I now the proud owner of a taxi job every Friday night. Well, what else would a mother be doing? They could catch the bus of course, but it would cost almost £8 for both of them and that can't be justified for a 15 minute journey. Their first time went very well it seems, with around 50 young people in attendance.  It's great to have things away from the home-ed scene for them to enjoy.

Today was the local home-ed group meet. The weather stayed dry and it was also a birthday celebration.  We had great fun with special friends and a lovely new family.

Now what will tomorrow have in store for us? I fancy making a start on our thankful tree.  I've also got hama bead projects to iron, so watch out for a bead review...


  1. I've already wished your beautiful girl happy birthday awww sweet 16 what a lovely lovely time :-) love the cakes and the tree :) what a lovely happy lot you are , sending love and hugs to all of you xxx

  2. Hehehe, I'm getting into the festive spirits too; never this early would I be doing Yule (as I don't celebrate xmas, but instead the solstice). But in order to do a Yule Advent it needed to start today so today we changed the season table to a wintery one, and made cookies...and yes I'd love to see your list.. I've so far got about 16 things on mine and struggling for more ideas.

  3. Friggedy-doo-dah!!! You are going to out-Christmas me at this rate!! I am so proud of you - top Mum. This will be a breakthrough December for you. Thanks for your kind words about my little hound. See you Weds Good King Wenceslas! xx

  4. Oh, and great cake too! X

  5. Josiah looked at the pic of your tree and asked if it was the one in the Harlequin centre. Big compliment, it obviously looks really professional!