Thursday, December 01, 2011

And so the *real* countdown begins...

So December 1st is upon us.  You would have thought the big Christmas Day itself had been bestowed upon us with all the excitement in the household today.  I don't think I have ever had a day where I have giggled, belly laughed and smiled so much.

I love my family.

Our day started with the very important task of opening the Advent Calenders  This year we have gone for a standard-chocolate-a-day store bought one, to run alongside our lovingly-handcrafted-by-my-own-fair-hands Advent Activity Basket (well, I didn't make the basket, I so wish I had that talent!)

Both lots of calenders were greeted in equally enthusiastic fashion...

It's peppa pig mama!!! This was before she knew there was chocolate inside it :))
Look Mama, it's Peppa Pig!!! (This was even before she knew it contained chocolate!)

yummmm chocolate is good mama
Mmmmm, Mama!  This chocolate stuff is yummy!
This is the completed basket, I'm pleased with the result. The little packages are so easy to make.  Just make a tube out of paper, stick one end together so you have something resembling a triangle/cone.  Add the contents to the package (a very important step or the recipient will be very disappointed!), then stick the open end together but in the opposite direction to the first so it develops a twist like appearance.  I used staples for quickness and to ensure they stayed firmly closed, but double sided tape usually works ok too.

advent activity basket
Our Advent Activity Basket
You can see that Callum was quite pleased when he stumbled across it....

Happy Boy

We had a little giggling fit in excitement :))

I love this child!!!
I nailed a bit of braid to the wall and added Christmas themed small pegs.  Each day we will remove the tag from the newly opened package and fix it to the hanging braid to make our own countdown.

Christmas Countdown

Today's activity was to write that important letter to Father Christmas, and to make a start on our Thankful Tree.  We did the letters ok...

Writing to Father Christmas

Letter writing

And (big news!) We finally made a start on the Thankful Tree.  We got so far as going out into the garden and chopping a branch off a tree to pop in a pot indoors.  Tomorrow we shall make a start on adding to it :)

We were going to go late night shopping this evening, but the weather was a little unpredictable today and I didn't think the children would enjoy fighting the crowds in the sporadic rain.  I think Tiegan was a little disappointed that we weren't going when she came home from Brownies, so I may try to take her late night shopping tomorrow evening instead in a different town - we do need to keep those smiles going after all :)


  1. Lovely Photos James has a Peppa Pig Advent Calendar too (its actually his second one, first one was Cars 2, but he ate most of that, not quite understanding yet the difference between November and December lol) xxxxx

  2. great basket, love the cones of joy. Get thee outside into that south Devon drizzle.....