Thursday, December 01, 2011

Is that the time?

Wow, it's just after midnight, and all is quiet in the Pollard household.

It feels rather strange.

For the past four nights, dear baby T has graced me with her "wide awake, let's play, please mama clap your hands and dance with me" presence, not floundering in energetic well-being until 2am.  Admittedly she is very cute, but my tired eyes find it difficult to focus, let alone appreciate such cute-ability at that dreadful hour.

It won't last forever though will it.  Will it?  I shall look back in time and appreciate the extra cuddles with a smile on my face.  I hope.

I was able to fully make the most of the quietness this evening and finally manage to finish off the Activity Advent Basket.  I've made 24 simple little packages, popped sweeties inside each one along with a daily activity, made a tag with a number on for all 24, and put them all together within a basket.  I shall take a photo of it later on today in daylight - it's a little dull for decent photos right now.  Well it is pitch black dark outside.

Here is the list of our activities (in no particular order).

Let’s write our letters to Santa and start our Thankful tree.

Let’s make some decorations out of felt.

Let’s go to see the Christmas Fayre at ****  and see the lights.  We can eat out too!

Let’s find a local Christmas Fayre and see what fun there is to be had.

Let’s go to the farm with the home-ed group and make Mince Pies when we get home.

Let’s go for a hot chocolate at a Garden Centre and see their animals and Christmas decorations.

Let’s bake some cookies before we go to the home-ed group today. 

Let’s go and buy our Christmas cards, then come home and watch a festive film whilst we write them.

Let’s read the Christmas Nativity story.

Let’s make Tiegan a welcome home from Brownie Camp present.

Let’s go and pick up Tiegan, then we can play board games together.

Let’s go out with the home-ed group, then make some snowflakes when we get home to decorate the windows.

Let’s bake our goodies for the Christmas party at the home-ed group tomorrow.

Let’s go to the early and buy daddy a present or three.

Let’s go late night shopping and see the lights!

Let’s walk around the village after dark and see if we can spot any Christmas lights.

Let’s make a decoration for our tree.

Let’s snuggle with hot chocolate drinks and watch a festive film.  We can make more decorations or gifts if we want to.

Let’s do our Secret Santa!

Let’s make lots of yummy scrummy Christmas goodies!

Let’s go for a drive around the local towns in the car and see where the best decorated houses are.  Be sure to get some change to put in the charity boxes!

Let’s pull some crackers!  Shall we have a go at making our own?

Today is Joe’s 14th birthday. Let’s make his day and this Christmas Eve extra special.  Don’t forget to track Santa on the computer and put out a feast for both Santa and Rudolph to enjoy!

Let’s decorate our Christmas Cake. Afterwards, we can go to *Local NT Property* to see their festive decorations.

The month of December is sure to be fun!

I am seriously trying to play catch up.  I've made promises I haven't yet been able to keep and that makes me feel sad.  The two weeks I was more or less out of action for, either due to my own illness or that of one or more of the children, has meant we have fallen very behind with planned activities and necessary errands and chores.   Just yesterday I took back overdue library books.  Considering we are so close to the library that is very bad - even the librarian serving me said so.  She also said that my children couldn't really get in as they weren't in school *splutter*.

We are oh so slowly we are getting back on track though, and I am finally catching up on my commitments.

Our Wednesday was taken up with home-ed group though, so not much else got done I'm afraid.   Exeter was absolutely heaving, I'm presuming it was due to the strike taking place.  I didn't like it.  My usual oh so lovely and quiet car park was almost full - in fact, three cars behind us and it was full.  Those of you that know me in real life will be aware that I hate parking, I NEED big spaces, preferably drive-through ones so I don't have to worry about reversing between parked cars.  I love driving, I am confident behind the wheel on the road, but ask me to park in a tight space and I whimper - almost literally.  I must work on that.

Home-ed group was good.  I was not in the most sociable of moods, for what reason I do not know.  The awesomely talented Janice (that flattery should earn me a few extra brownie points) over at Childhood, uninterupted bought in her extremely inspiring and motivational Daily December Journal.  I sooooo wanna have a play now and join in the fun.  I'm going to make 2011 the first year I journal everyday throughout December.  It will be nice to sort out some papercrafting supplies and put them to use again.  I have very fond memories of creating tag books and circle journals.

If anyone is interested and wants to share the journey, have a looksie here:

I am quite excited about getting started - yes I know that makes me sound like a sad ol' woman with nothing better to do than coo over and stroke pretty papers as she tries to create yet another family tradition for the holidays.  But this is my blog and I shall share my excitement on this 'ere page if I want to, so there.

Also on the Ali Edwards blog is a Project Life thingy me bob, weekly journalling with photos and mementoes. I wanna be organised enough (and committed enough) to do that, it looks fabulous and what a fabulous keepsake to look through when I'm long forgotten and sat in a nursing home somewhere grotty.  I am planning to do something along the same lines, but not sure what format it will take or how I will go about it.  I won't be using the Project Life album, so I may go down the scrapbooking route, or I may do it in a similar vein to the December Daily per month - ending up with 12 "books" over the year.  I could buy a special keepsake box to keep them in and everything!

I have already committed to doing the Willowing Life Book course, which starts on January 1st 2012.  If you are interested in finding out more about it, you can do just that here:  I am paying via the installments as it makes the cost much more manageable, but I'm hoping that both Chelsea and myself get a lot from it.  If nothing else it will be nice to have a project that we can work on together (although smaller peoples may also join in from time to time if their interest is sparked by what we are doing).  I'm liking the whole positivity and love yourself message the course oozes, and it should be a time of great thought-provoking self-exploration.

It's all good. I just need to decide if I want to blog about it all here, or set up a just for arty farty crafty stuff blog to keep my two lives separate.  Hmm, ponder ponder.

Right, I do need to dash off and get myself snuggled under the bed sheets - it's 2.46am now!  Darn pinterest eating my time again.  I've just got time to print off the very first day of the village calender over at Activity Village.

I think we will colour ours in and string them together for a wall decoration, I don't think we've got room for them to all stand up!


  1. Good morrow to you in the south! I took a foray into art journalling last year/early part of this, spending a fortune on books and acrylics....I couldn't quite 'let myself go' and therefore have abandoned it in a filthy temper, quelle surprise. Check out Christy Tomlinson (toothsome american chick) and Teesha Moore on You Tube - VERY inspirational. Remind me to tell you about my Project Life experience when I see you next tee hee..... like your advent activities - get in there!! I have some cracker snaps you can have if you want them for cracker making. Yet another abandoned project of mine......

  2. Nice list, I need to hurry up and finish ours this evening! Just to let you know I've been enjoying following your blog and I'm passing on The Versatile Blogger award to you. :)