Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Oooh, we have a Fairy!

There is great excitement in the household this morning, with the sudden appearance of  "Freckles the Fairy".

Our Christmas Fairy has arrived 

We opened the envelope to reveal a letter which said:

 "Dear Family Pollard,

I hope you don't mind me asking you a big favour, but I really need your help.

You see, there has been a little bit of a problem in the Toy Factory here at the North Pole.

Let me try to explain.

There is a lovely but very mischievous fairy that lives here with us, and she continuously gets up to all kinds of silly tricks. She finds herself in all sorts of troublesome predicaments and we are forever having to rescue her from one sticky situation or another. We love her very much, but do you know how difficult it is to try to keep on working hard when you have a pesky little munchkin insisting on bothering you? As you know, this is our busiest time of the year and we have to keep right on schedule or else there will be some disappointed boys and girls waking up on Christmas morning.

So far me and the Elves have had to put up with our hammers being replaced with foam ones, our scissors being hidden in the snow, our reindeer's being fed invisibility dust (it takes 3 days to wear off, can you imagine?!) and my wellington boots being filled with jelly - don't laugh. I won't begin to tell you about the glitter in the Elves hats, that was some sight. It took an awful lot of cleaning up mind you and even now some of the toys have glittery shiny bits where they shouldn't!

This year I've come up with a plan. We need Freckles the Fairy to leave us in peace as we organise this years delivery rounds, but I need to know that she is going to be loved and well looked after. I think that you might be the ideal family to help.

Would it be too much to ask for you to take good care of Freckles for me? She doesn't need much looking after, just a little bit of conversation each day and a few cuddles. If you would like to show her around where you live, I'm sure she would love that too. Be sure to tuck her up safe and sound in bed each night before you leave her, that way hopefully she will sleep well and have nice dreams instead of looking around for mischief!

One thing I have to mention is that when Freckles is with human people, she won't show any signs of being alive. She will be absolutely still and quiet if she knows that someone is awake and likely to catch her moving. Be sure to know though that she is listening to everything (fairies have tip-top hearing don't you know!) so please only talk to her about nice things or she will get upset.

I would love for Freckles to come and stay on a short holiday with you. Are you up for the keeping Freckles the Fairy out of trouble challenge?

Please say yes!
Lots of Love
Father Christmas xxx"

  The Letter from Santa

Isn't she pretty? So soft and gorgeous :)

Freckles the Fairy

Freckles the Fairy rear

She came with some goodies for the journey - doughnuts, cookies, and a cupcake!

Our fairy came with goodies

She even has her own little sleeping bag type bed, hand sewn by the look of it, complete with a sweet smelling lavender filled pillow.

Sleeping Bag and Lavender filled pillow

Freckles has been introduced to all the family members, including the furry ones, and is settling down nicely on the fireplace.  I am just wondering just how much mischief this little fairy will get up to during her stay with us....

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  1. Freckles is so pretty! How could she ever cause any mischief at the North Pole!!x