Friday, January 13, 2012

Another day, another posting...

We had another home day - purely because all of the children were too lazy engrossed in other things to want to go out anywhere.  Lee (husband) had taken the car as he had a job interview after work, so we couldn't have ventured too far anyway.

We have (in no particular order and not inclusive of all); played on the xbox, read books, used the globe for location researching, sang along to the radio, watched the Sports Relief Bake Off programme, eaten Chinese Takeaway, thrown the ball for the dog, written and posted a letter to the tax man, walked to the shop with Taisia (who was also walking), made a 10 minute walk last over 45 minutes due to the previous activity, written thank you letters, worn silly hats and danced to make the bells jingle...


looked up on the internet and discussed stories of Big Cat sightings, kissed zebras (only toy ones sadly), played with playdough, baked flapjacks and chocolate concrete cake, and fallen asleep with friends...

The teens went off to youth club this evening and very much enjoyed it once again, whilst I stayed home (in between playing taxi driver) and did a bit of home-ed idea planning.  Tiegan and I looked through the Insect Lore catalogue and came up with a few ideas of what she would like to do, the main one being another butterfly project (for the 4th year running).  We were also reminded that we have an Ants Habitat and Wormery to set up.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to sort out more home-ed ideas, including what we shall be doing for the Chinese New Year which is fast approaching.  Planning our veggie growing will hopefully get going tomorrow too, and I know Tiegan wants me to look at her Crystal science set that she got for Christmas with her. Another busy day planned then, I need to go shopping first!


  1. still a buzzing then? good for you. Taz' hair is looking a little damp there, are you sure the cat hasn't given her a good going over before falling asleep??! Sly ittle buggers they are. (cats, not children. Although they are sly little buggers too at times...) xx I am reading your blog stalker comments (ha ha!) and publishing them, but I don't think they are showing up - will have to investigate!

  2. sounding busy and lovely , - I do miss home ed getting ideas together now the kids are at college and school :( dawn xxx

  3. oh what a fabby site. thanks for the link!! my guys love bugs xx