Sunday, January 15, 2012


Regular long term users of this blog will know that my aim for 2011 was to learn how to crochet.

Well, I did do a teensy weensy ickle bit.

BUT, I found it difficult.  I just couldn't get into the habit of holding the hook and yarn the "right" way, and ended up holding the yarn like I hold my yarn for knitting.  Trying to see which hole the hook was inserted into to make the next stitch was another issue.

But, I am not one to be defeated easily.

I shall conquer crochet.

I shall.  I shall.

So, time for a new goal.

In 2012, I shall crochet at least one blanket.

I'm thinking I will join in with this group on Facebook:

The Leap Year Blanket

The idea is to crochet one square a day throughout the year.  I have been totally inspired by Mandy of Cheerymishmash fame who has just started to crochet.  She is playing along with the leap year blanket and look what she has put together already...

Isn't it stunning? I think the colour palette is gorgeous and I love the patterns.

So, are any of the Classroom Free readers playing along with the Leap Year blanket idea? I'd love links to your blogs if you have one.

To try and inspire and encourage me, I've started up a "Conquering Crochet" group on Facebook.  If anyone reading this also wants to learn how to Crochet, then please feel free to join us.  I thought it would be a nice idea to have support from others in the same position, but there are a few wonderfully experienced and very kind crocheters in the group too. I'm sure they will be happy to help with any queries that are posed.

Another thing I've done to try to fuel my enthusiasm for learning something new, is to set up a couple of Pinterest Boards.  One is for links for Learning to Crochet,  the other for things I would like to make once I've mastered the skill.  Both will be fiercely added to within the next day or so I'm sure.

I'm going to set up a blog (YES I know, ANOTHER one), but it will be purely for me charting my own crochet journey and progress (hopefully progress! It will more likely be more about mistake making, but hey, that's how we learn right?) I don't expect anyone to be remotely interested, but if you fancy reading it I'll let you know the link when it's done.  I will be adding inspirational links and any tutorials I stumble upon, plus seeking out crochet blogs to share with you.   This is something I feel utterly passionate about so I think it deserves it's own blog.  It is also something that I have wanted to learn for a long long time and now I feel I should dedicate more time to the process. 


  1. Very pretty. Go and have a look at freeform crochet too, I think you will like it :-)

  2. You can do it, Julia, it's so easy once it 'clicks' with you, honest! I've asked to join the crochet group, I hope you don't mind - I've been crocheting for a while and love to help others to learn so I thought I might be able to help there, but if it is just for newbies I totally understand. I have a blog here where I talk about crochet, crafts in general and the journey I'm personally on at the moment; learning to knit!

    If you ever have any questions about crochet, or you want a pattern translating or anything don't hesitate to ask, you know where to find me ;-) xxx

  3. I'm doing it Julia, pleased to see you are. There are loads of good tutorials on you tube to help you on your way :o)
    love dawny

  4. I love Mandy's blanket. I've been inspired by her recent posts to get my wool and hooks out again. Lots of it is kept in a box which my DD regularly raids. So far, one wool box very tidy, 3 balls still to disentangle, a couple of new hooks ordered from amazon, no crocheting done :( Maybe the leap year blanket is the way to go. I think it'd be a lovely project to work on with my DD :)
    Good luck with your crocheting endeavours :0)

  5. beautiful and on my list of things to learn this year too! Just requested to join your facebook group!

  6. hey Julia let us know the link of your new blog as soon as ;-) can't wait xx